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Don't Rehabilitate George W. Bush: Why the Enemy of Our Enemy Is Still a War Criminal


Don't Rehabilitate George W. Bush: Why the Enemy of Our Enemy Is Still a War Criminal

Rebecca Gordon

Isn’t it a little early to begin rehabilitating the man responsible for indefinite detention at Guantánamo, a torture program, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and tens of thousands of Afghans—not to mention the trillions of U.S. dollars shoved down the memory hole in pursuit of the futile wars that followed?


The fact that one of the worst American, war criminals, that belongs in prison, was given the " PRESTIGIOUS AWARD" and Obama was given the Noble Peace Prize, should tell anyone that Amerika has become the Fourth Reich, backed by the Fourth Estate which has praised both war criminals!


GWB and his puppet master, Cheney are Liars-in-Chief who still profit from perpetual war. And sorry to say that Obama and HRC are right along side them banking their lucre. Ugh!


Thank you Ms. Gordon. Like you I am sick of this knee-jerk reaction, all too often enthusiastically embraced by the editors and readers of CD, to embrace total proven scum just because they may say something negative (however minor) about Trump.

What part about Bush being a War Criminal do people not yet get? But, just as guilty as The Shrub are all the cohorts mentioned above, and some not mentioned at all.

I was wondering about something earlier today that maybe someone here might be able to shed some light on. In the immediate aftermath of the US first Gulf War (Desert Storm) I remember reading on several occasions the assertion that George HW Bush somehow “suckered” Sadam Hussein into invading Kuwait by giving him the impression the US would look the other way, or would not respond. Can anyone here shed some light on this? Is there any documentary proof of this, or was it just conspiratorial speculation?


Good the author started this history with Nixon. A man who couldn’t get away from his three degrees of separation in regards to the Kennedy assassination. Alas, neither could Bushytail One, whose links to the CIA and the Kennedy assassination, was discussed by Michael Parenti some 2 decades ago. And, both linked by Cheney & Crew, through so much which entangled Ronnie Raygun’s Adm., as well. Same list of nefarious characters and shell Alphabet Organizations that have been a disastrous blight on America for over 5 long decades. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
As to Bushytail Two, was he merely another Useful Idiot llike Trump, or really a big player in the engineered debacle of the Post 9/11 Soft Coup, whose destructive impulses have severely restricted the Constitutional protections of the citizenry? It appears we won’t get answers to that or any kind of real analysis of the numerous crimes of the Bush II Adm., going forward. The reasoning is to rehabilitate The Bush Bunch over The Trumpster Dumpsters and repair the leak in a Deep State ruled duopoly dam… The Republican royalty must be saved from the overtly vulgar behavior of the Republican hordes and their crypto-fascist pathologies. For the good of the entire country but, especially, for the Guardians of the Empire; the MIC and the dozens of ingredients found in the current batch of Alphabet Soup. Bon Appetit!!


I must disagree with Bush’s statement "conflict, instability, and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism.” The filthy rich exhibit only disdain toward the middle class and working poor. Class warfare can be considered the cause of most wars. The wealthy construct economies that create and maintain impoverishment, and for the relatively stable middle class, dependencies that guarantee unquestioning subservience. The solution requires restructuring national, state and regional economies to be less dependent upon long-distance travel and transport, globally and domestically. The more dependent we become upon the global economy (including luxury air travel), the smaller, though no less fundamental economies of scale cannot function should the fuel oil spigot that supplies all economies be intentionally shut off as a weapon of class warfare that will us lead to World War Three that Duh-bya would surely relish.


Right before Desert Storm, a US ambassador indeed informed Saddam
the US had no interest in his border dispute with Kuwait.


April Glaspie, I believe you’re referring to.


Bush’s popularity shows the people’s dismay against Trump, as Bush slides from being our worst president to our second worst …


Lets not forget The Project For A New American Century(PNAC) advocated the overthrow of regimes in the Middle East which they stated would not be accepted by the American Public absent a “NEW PEARL HARBOR” !!! Well, shazamm, what have we here? So anyone who doesn’t realize the “terror” attacks were planned in advance is either an ostrich or just plain not paying attention. Lest we not forget in W’s speech about Trumps, he pointedly and clearly warns us against “conspiracy theories” !! Wow W, did you mean the theory that Poppy was standing in front of the Book Depository in Dallas(as pictured) or do you mean the numerous architects/engineers/pilots who don’t believe your 19 hijacker fairy tale? Come on Georgie Boy give us the scoop!


Once again, our politicians and media give people like this a pass for all of their foul misdeeds.
It isn’t called the “United States of Amnesia” for nothing.


Well, so far, Trump has to kill A LOT of people before he gets to just the half-way mark of how many people Bush (and his poodle Blair) have killed.

No, the only Bush can be rehabilitated is if he spends a lot of time in jail.


. . .  Such as Eric Prince of ‘Blackwater’ (aka ‘Xe’ aka some other deceptive new name for his Murdering Mercenaries) and – probably the worst of all, since he of all people should have known better – John Yoo, author of Bush’s attempts to justify and “legalize” torture.

But not to worry for the future of what little is left of “our” democracy — Prince’s wife Betsy DeVos, Tweetle-Dumb’s Secretary of Education, will ensure that Amerika’s youth are given a good “christian” education (at taxpayer expense) before the best of them are sent to graduate school at U.C. Berkeley where Yoo is still, SFAIK, a Professor of Law!


The US has a long history of celebrating it’s war criminals with names on buildings, prestigious awards, Nobel et al, statues all over the place, national portraits, many others. I’m willing to bet other countries also honor their war wagers with the same types of honors. That doesn’t get the US baddies off the hook and the list is long indeed. I just can’t honor anybody that attacked unprovoked nation states murdering women, children and civilian men of all stripes, I just can’t. Why are generals honored when they make their living planning and ordering the massacre of women and especially children? I find them just as abhorrent as anyone in the long history of human slaughter, all in the name of empire. I will pay my respect to those ground up by US imperial pursuits, I won’t honor those that sent these young men to their deaths because to me its morally wrong. And certainly not honorable.


Good catch, Justaman. Yes, Dumbya’s collaborators - Cheney the Puppetmaster, Rumsfeld, Condisleazy Rice, John Yoo, in particular, who invented some pretzel logic to approve of torture, et alia, should all have been tried as lying war criminals and torturers at the ICC, convicted, and should right now be spending the rest of their unnatural lives in prison.

Erik Prince’s Blackwater was sold to “investors” (not sure who bought it), and the name morphed into Xe, Academi. See his Wikipedia page for more info. Prince moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE and lives there part time, as well as VA, USA. Besides skulking around the White House and being an “unofficial adviser” to Trump, Prince currently has a group called Frontier Services Group, Ltd based in Hong Kong and the last I read anything about him, he was trying to hire and equip a private mercenary air force. Betsy DeVos is Erik Prince’s sister (not his wife), and she is married to Dick DeVos of the Amway fortune. All are religious fanatics, and Betsy DeVos is trying to privatize education in the US, which means she favors religious schools getting government funds.


Sadly this new century hasn’t seen the last of the ‘bad’ administrations. The future looks mighty grim.


Another interesting thing to keep in mind is that many of the voices that are trying to rehabilitate Bush are from the Democrat M$M. The party like would try running a Bush-like republican if they thought they could beat Trump. Oh wait they pretty much did in 2016 and look how that turned out.



I know there is a sucker born every day but in the US, there must be one born every second. Only a brain dead individual would fall for rehabilitating the worst and most incompetent president in modern times!


What bothers me most is the gross hypocrisy that attaches to the American slaughter of innocents (we do it for their own good or its just collateral damage).