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"Don't Rely on Your Past Experiences:" La. Battles "Unprecedented" Flooding


"Don't Rely on Your Past Experiences:" La. Battles "Unprecedented" Flooding

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Rightly, the focus right now should be on dealing with the current situation. Good for the meteoroligist Eric Holthaus for making the connection to a warming planet which Bill McKibben's tweet also makes reference to. Can you say, climate change!


You can't say "climate change" too loud in Louisiana when you consider how dependent the state and region's economy is on the petrochemical industry.


Also the Philippines is flooded again, 70,000 homeless. Several feet of rain in a few days in some places. Nepal just had the same kind of thing from incessant downpours.

The damage from South Carolina's extreme High Tide is ongoing. Paris was a wreck. Florida almost overflowed Lake Okeechobee. Dozens of cities around the world have flooded, as global average has got nothing to do with local high tides that coincide with extreme low pressure (big storms/surge) or rain rates of one inch an hour that go on for days.

Antarctica may be in trouble even on the Eastern side with high ocean temps. Greenland is a melting ice cream cone on the sidewalk...



Just keep having more children. It will be good for them. They can practice for the Olympics in that water. No need for expensive swimming pools! Look on the bright side.

Now go back to shopping and breeding and stop being so negative.


When the cold wind, meets the heat wave, everybody want to get out of town.



No worries Europe... Thanks to the US War Machine and Climate Chaos, plenty of refugees will be sent to your shores to increase your populations.

Stop the Wars..Stop the Hillary...Embargo the Weapon's sales to the Middle East.
Vote Green- Vote Jill Stein for President, the first women President of the US in 2016.


You are just such an arrogant bore.


Friday as everyone was leaving work Obama head democrat was blowing dry the ink on the unnoticed Bakken crude pipeline. 30" dia. 1,172 miles long across native American land and just 7 miles shorter than the Keystone XL pipeline. Then he looked in GWBush's roll-o-dex for that heck of a job Brownie guy.


You haven't left yet? The guy in the video needs music lessons.


I like sarcasm.
Don't you like sarcasm?


Would love to teleport Obama and most other leaders of the industrialized nations to the center of all of these crises, but I guess they're just too busy handing out fracking and drilling permits or occupied with more important state affairs like pushing the TPP, fighting all those baad terrorists and militarizing the security forces.
Madness to wait for these monsters to act...


As usual the MSM doesn't report the important news.
Just the propaganda approved by the oligarchy.


Minnesota has had 2 or more major rain "events" in as many weeks, one dropped 11 inches in 12 hours which is roughly 1/2 the entire years worth. Similar in other areas of the U.S.
Outside of this it has been much drier than normal.
Seems as though this deluge or "rain bomb" is a new normal....at least for a time.


What if we all got together and voted every incumbent out of office this November?
Every Democratic incumbent and every Republican incumbent.
Might that send a message to these pinheaded representatives of ours?


If you do it is in small print and late friday.


We must keep our sense of humor, if we are under 70, and older too if we want to stay alive.


In a nation of 310 million surely we can find a couple of thousand much better people to replace all incumbents and their appointees. Was it Clint Eastwood that said "You will have to pry that gavel from my cold dead hand."


Once again I await the rubes of La, the same dumb beasts that always vote for Christian fundamentalist, pro capitalist whack jobs who constantly decry the federal govenement as being too "intrusive" to begin sticking thier hands out and crying for assistance from the big bad guvmint.

The time has come for a civics lesson. This time, when they cry for help (and they will cry) tell them no help will be forthcoming, as we would not want to waste their precious tax dollars. Tell them to call the Koch brothers and ask them for charity.