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'Don't Sell Out to Big Cable': Internet Defenders Warn Democrats Against Watering Down Net Neutrality Bill


'Don't Sell Out to Big Cable': Internet Defenders Warn Democrats Against Watering Down Net Neutrality Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Internet defenders are raising alarm and warning against telecom-backed sabotage after several Democratic lawmakers signaled they would be willing to water down their party's net neutrality legislation in order to appease Republican objections.


The Democrats should not compromise with the Republicans. Too many of them are spineless. The Republicans never compromise with the Democrats. They are the “Party of No” on anything the Democrats say. The Democrats should be the “Party of No” when dealing with the Republicans.


It almost seems as though there are always centrist Dems designated to water legislation down to make corporate donors happy. Yep, almost seems like a plan.


Standing on principle

With all their weight


In reality Trump’s greatest achievement was in uniting the Party of Cats against him. I doubt that in my seventy plus years that there has never been the unity in the Democratic Party as Trumpism has created in the last two years. T’wood be a wonderful world should they decide to continue this experiment in unity. The next generation might actually get to see what a civilization looks like.


I’ve actually made the same observation to d-party dead-enders in this comment section:

Be grateful that Trump came along to bring your party back from the dead.

As for unity heading into 2020 and beyond, you’re counting your chickens a bit early.


I’ve always thought THAT is exactly what the DLC was created for. Why else would the Koch Bros help the Clinton’s start it and put up some of the money to launch the DLC?


I’ll go farther than that: The software that became the internet was created almost entirely with tax dollars, and the telecoms on whose lines it ran welcomed the additional traffic by investing in new technology to increase bandwidth. But then they got greedy and tried to claim ALL of that rare genuine public-private project that had greatly increased their profit as their own private property, while not coincidentally providing access to the intelligence establishment to invade the privacy of everyone in the world. That is as close to a rigorous definition of fascism as there is. If it moves any farther in that direction I will stop ordering anything online.

Used book sellers and other online retailers: Are you listening? I lived just fine without the internet for fifty years, and with exceptions for Common Dreams and a couple of other cources I can do it again.


Not a scintilla of detail in the article. But of course that’s “Common” in these articles isn’t it?