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Don't Shame Protesters and Park-Goers Over Covid-19 Spreading—Shame Corporations and the State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/06/dont-shame-protesters-and-park-goers-over-covid-19-spreading-shame-corporations-and

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Covid-19 has been used by this government to completely “loot” the U.S. Treasury in the largest wealth transfer in history.

"Blame The Fucking Congress." They have no shame in looting from future generations.


Media will totally ignore the reality you’ve presented. Those “essential workers” who’ve packed onto filthy mass transit, drastically cut due to sickness & death of sacraficial MTA workers, to terrifying, heart crushing jobs in private equity gutted slaughterhouses, are only just coping with trauma (psychological & social as well as physiological). And now; Memorial Day, Black Lives Matter protest intentional police harassment, will all overlap the partial reopening of those cities most devestated by COVID, weaponized against those most vulnerable; to flip mysteriously vacated apartments & homes, “gentrify” neighborhoods decimated by Catastrophe Capitalism. Blame the Yuppies’ victims, it ALWAYS works?







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There are structural reasons (structure activity relationships) to suspect resveratrol may prevent and treat COVID-19.

Why don’t we know for certain if it does or does not?

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Not transmitting the virus works, period. We’d used D3, zinc, Quercetin, Vit A/ C, potassium, lots of Sambuchus, phyto-polyphenol Isoflavonoid/antioxidant hippie snake-oil etc. But It’s incredibly transmissible by the exact behaviors we’ve forced upon poor workers riding packed subways, busses and elevators. It’s going to be scary as the lying about “excess, deaths” resumes (NYC had 33,897 total 23,615 probable and 17,135 “official” deaths, so they’ll have to find a better way to hide our victims?) just as all the politician’s PhARMA pals’ treatments, IgG testing kits & vaccines show up between celebrities on Jimmy, Steven’s funny Trump jokes? ~https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1550830720301130?via%3Dihub ~https://www.consumerlab.com/m/answers/do-natural-remedies-or-supplements-prevent-coronavirus/natural-remedies-coronavirus ~http://phenol-explorer.eu/contents/polyphenol/291#chromatography-after-hydrolysis ~https://www.rockefeller.edu/news/28079-covid19-antibody-response/ ~https://covidtracking.com/race

Stress (hormones) are toxic to health in dozens of important ways. Systematic exposure to stressors will destroy people’s health systematically, reducing likespans substantially. This applies to continuous financial stress (socioeconomic stress) and all other kinds of stress. (Anything on the “Maslow hierarchy of needs”.)

Even a noisy environment will create so much stress it has been shown quite substantially decrement peoples health (and lower children’s lifetime IQ).

Every indication is that resveratrol could be used to treat COVID-19, do you want to hear the reasons why (aside from it inhibiting other closely related coronaviruses, quelling the cytokine storm in sepsis, being neuroprotective and possibly treating sepsis caused ARDS) Another “coincidence” is that Japanese knotweed, the invasive plant RESV is manufactured from, has gone from not being used at all in february to being one of twoperhaps even the top plant being used to treat COVID-19 in China. Its even remotely possible that they got the idea from me because I sent them a bunch of emails, not just to them, to top research groups all around the world including US, UK, Europe, Australia and China, I didnt get any replies but suddenly around a month later I saw it suddenly was one of the top plants being used when before it wasnt being used at all. Its Chinese name is “Huzhang” if you want to verify that.

Japanese knotweed is literally the


but it also may have been the source of a valuable therapy for COVID-19 (if its processed to purify the resveratrol out of the roots which is fairly easy as such things go), under their noses that they were told might be useful but didnt follow up on even as a huge number of people have been dying.

the same with the US!

Why havent they investigated it?
I have no idea but every indication is that they should have known.

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Same reason. Quercetin dosages were from a small swiss manufacturer and pennies a dose, depending on the actual constituent chemistry. I believe you and I once exchanged comments about Japanese knotweed costing yuppies a fortune, when torn from their yards; suddenly becoming a gigantic fad with them in the 70s, where they’d gladly pay additional fortunes, for what French folks were getting in wine? Now, lots of us boomer nerds are gobbling it with Nicotinamide riboside, instead of Pterostilbene (which elevates LDL). AND of course, Nicotine seemed to be an immuno-modulator as the virus hijacks our immune system (all of which, happens SCARY fast in this virus, you can FEEL cytokine inflammatory stuff). Liquorice, Echinacea & peppermint simply sound to “hippy” anymore and it’s so frustrating, trying to research on metasearch-engines when you’re already infected & Google, etc. keeps sending you advertisments with pictures of unicorns and ripped doctors in verdent witchy forests.

I don’t think that was me, you may be confusing me with somebody else.

I was talking about RESVERATROL, which is available as 50% trans-resveratrol powder from all chain drugstores.

It can be stretched quite a bit by emptying it out of large size capsules and taken buccallly (in the cheek) in tiny doses. Its much more efficient that way. It is also antimicrobial and antifungal. (against candida)

Stilbenes seem to have broad anticoronavirus activity! Res. is sold commercially for NASAL use against colds in Italy as a nasal spray. - that product may prevent infection via the nose, a very common and dangerous route of infection - (it can even infect the brain and stop breathing).

(but unknown against COVID-19 specifically, although it would be easy to test in vitro, there is NO reason for this lack of knowledge. )

(pterostilbene is also a stilbene) MANY stilbenes clearly have strong anti SARS/MERS activity.

RESV has broad antiviral activity

(that means against a great many viruses.
It often inhibits viral replication.)

See ~http://downloads.hindawi.com/journals/av/2015/184241.pdf for examples.

RESV may work as a prophylactic-
We don’t know, why has no research been done into this?

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Sorry, it was a story we’d had in common. A friend had a big landscaping business and asked WHY hippies were asking how much he’d sell unchipped Knotweed root systems for? That poster had the exact same experience, but from the opposite perspective. Suddenly, thousands of wealthy urban yuppies HAD TO HAVE Resveratrol, right NOW. As if free basing cocaine and 25% THC sins, and midlife crises had suddenly awakened some gaping void, you could drive an X5 or Q7 through? Pterostilbene is cool, but coming from Pixboig, I still prefer blueberry & pomegranate yogurt/ kefir?

Used this way, is there any risk of Resveratrol triggering a Cytokine storm?

Resveratrol may be able to protect people from infection or substantially reduce the danger and severity of infection- the chance of it being able to do that if taken contnuously may be substantial, we don’t know.

There is no excuse for this lack of research into this given what we do know.

Another example - Japanese knotweed - Polygonum cuspidatum root the plant that resveratrol is extracted from (an “invasive plant” that grows all around the world- seems to be useful in treating COVID-19 - its now being used in China) - Indeed according to CGTN (CCTV- Chinese govt TV) in March is now one of the top plants used in China for treating COVID-19, in two months its gone from no use to being one of the top plants. However that plant is amost certainly not safe for prophylactic (daily) use. Resveratrol likely is, as we already know its safe - But we dont know (and I am emphatically not somebody to make that determination having no medical credentials whatsorver- I think its extremely important to perform research to find out whether this idea works, I do not think its wise to take anything if somebody is sick, these is a small chance it may not be helpful.

People need to be able to live full lives and not live in fear.

Resveratrol is very safe normally and millions of people take it, it helps many COVID-19 co-morbitities, and in some people (the group of people most at risk for illness) improves many kinds of issues, in those people, the science is pretty clear, the substance is a now study of intense research. But not in COVID-19. Although the viral replication inhibitory activity is also clear in many other viruses including MERS a closely related betacoronavirus, and likely also SARS but there the wording in the relevant study is ambiguous. (It was originally in Chinese)

Lots of drug discovery studies and software also predict it may be useful, but still no HARD info out of the research community, now six months into this epidemic.

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I’d not been particularly surprised, due largely to low profit margins. But, the dearth of discussion of these substances, on social media, blog-aggregator comment threads and the hipper blogs themselves was kind of mystifying? Probably, fear of promulgating use of useless or harmful treatment strategies, on a totally new virus, we know so little about? I’ve a number of OLD friends still working, largely out-of-doors, amidst MAGA-type churls <1/2 their age, who’ve now mostly been through the infection (as IgG immunoassay proliferates). We’d used what a typical German oma would suggest: Sambuchus nigra, zinc, D3 (Vitamin A & C) lotsa DARK, tart berry juices and brightly colored greens/ veggies. Lovage, dill, Mexican oregano, angelica, onion/ garlic in everybody’s garden? Supplements were sold out, by March.

This kind of thing is what I am talking about.

Say we investigate buccal ingestion/absorbtion combined with oral and nasal RESV for prophylaxis.

If we assumed that COVID-19 was exactly like MERS in terms of inhibitory dosing (WE STILL DONT KNOW) then its feasible to reach an inhibitory level, safely and the person or animal may be protected if they maintain them. If they still get infected the likelihood seems high that the infection would be a mild one, as it will have been caught right at the beginning - One that was moderated by the immunomodulatory aspects of RESV which SEEM very interesting, and not unlikely to be very helpful as the things RESV may treat are very much the same problems COVID-19 causes. .

Antiviral+immunomodulator is the high tech way to go. Its not some second best approach. Its the best approach, quite possibly.

No proposed treatment I know of combines both into one -

RESV is not a drug its a food. An immune system boosting food.

Foods are being drained of nutrition by factory farming.

Foods are so likely to be a better long term approach to viruses

these phytonutrients that modulate sirtuins may be exactly what the world needs to build our immunity safely. …

. All COVID-19 treatment drugs have side effects, some potentially quite serious. The pages of disclosures go on and on and on.

Also, vaccines have risks of various immunological errors, if not made properly, and viruses in particular mutate, thats perhaps a major reason we have not seen vaccines emerge for SARS and MERS - I guess its likely very difficult to hit a rapidly moving target

*A big issue is - so called original antigenic sin - If somebody gets the wrong vaccine, later strains my actually have more virulence, not less. *

*That could become a public health disaster if they rush into a vaccine that turns out to activate the OAS problem - (also called the Hoskins effect) *

Because the body’s immune reponse to the new pathogen may be the wrong one.

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