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"Don't Shoot Him": Cellphone Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting of Keith Scott


"Don't Shoot Him": Cellphone Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting of Keith Scott

Nika Knight, staff writer

Disturbing cellphone footage of the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, the 43-year-old black man whose death earlier this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, sparked days of protest, was just released by NBC.


Wow. She is lucky those cops didn't shoot her. This is almost unbelievable. No wonder they are protesting. The control of Scott's poor wife is heartbreaking. She clearly knows they will kill her if she moves to be with her dead husband.


This reminds me of a strategic manuver to keep people at an empasse so you can setup in case there are civil issues. Example: the police didnt let the video out so they could figure out where to position shooters, road blocks, etc. Its a military/political technique. So, lets wait to see if there are shooters in the buildings like in Dallas. Noone asked that question by the way. Why were there shooters positioned in the buildings in Dallas for a peaceful protest?


Where's the gun at Mr. Scott's feet?
In the photo that the police chief released to the public there is a gun with a big red circle around it slightly to the right of Mr. Scott's right foot.
So where's that gun in this video?


Who are we to believe, the videos or the lying cops?
It's very important that any private party who captures a police shooting does not immediately turn in the film.
Let the cops tell their side of the story and then release the film, in most cases the film doesn't back up what the cops say. That way they are caught in their lies.


Yeah, and the sad part is this is not the first time and unfortunately, probably will not be the last!



Mr. Scott was reading a book and waiting to pick up his son at school and had no gun. Does anyone know why he was shot in cold blood? I wonder if Rakeyia knows why?


I am white and older and white people in America need to WAKE UP and see what IS going on, what more than likely HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR FAR TOO LONG to Afro-American men, especially. This is disgusting and frightening. This cannot continue. How can any white person go along with this and turn away in cowardice and call themselves either religious or think of themselves as a moral human being?


Watch the video again in slow motion. You see the gun right after he's shot when she's walking back to them. It's on the ground behind the guy in red. You have to slow down the video to see it. When the wife gets up closer, the shade from the truck hides the gun.
I'm disappointed in this posted story as it seems to try to inflame people by insinuating the gun was planted. Please, watch it again.


Jesus, this is awful. Even the reporter has bias in the reporting! There seems to be no evidence that Scott had a gun, his wife's video doesn't capture one, and yet the reporter writes that a later video "showed Scott's gun on the pavement near his feet." He didn't say " A" gun... he said "SCOTT'S" gun. No mention of how a gun showed up on the later video or why it should be attributed as "Scott's" gun. This is shameful and this bullshit needs to stop!


It's being proved now the LIARS cops are and have been for a long time!!! They've gotten away with lying for so long -- thank God for videos now!


It's on the ground within seconds. Perhaps the police video will show when it hits the ground. But, it is there when she walks back to him.


And after police get close enough, they kick the weapon away. So, no, it wouldn't be right by his hand.


I wonder why, since the family has seen the police video, they haven't come out to say anything about it?


Watch the video again and you will see the gun on the ground. I've explained where above already.
As for why they were dealing with him, I don't know. Question though, because I honestly don't know, can an ex-con carry legally? And if you are pointing your gun at someone, is that part of legal carry?


Between 1:04 and 1:08 you can see an object in the same spot where the later photo shows the gun. Starting 1:09 red shirt's foot blocks it.


I'm not going to speculate as to why they were dealing with him. Too many people speculate, then the masses start believing anything they hear. An investigation actually requires investigating to get the facts. People are so quickly swayed by others, sometimes facts are twisted by witnesses.
But let me ask you, did you not see the gun in the video?
And what do you believe happened?


Bottom line, if police show up someone dies.


They live in South Carolina, that's why. Think about it.


Thank you for going the extra mile on this!