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"Don't Tell Me He's Dead": Aftermath of Yet Another Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man Streamed Live



Black people today. Everyone else tomorrow. Or should I say anyone that's not in the elite class. MLK said Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere. Remain silent and indifferent and we will reap what has been sowed.


The executions of people of color (primarily) by cops has gone completely off the rails.

The mindset of cops and the "training" they have, all create an "us vs them" - cop vs everyone else - attitude/mindset/prejudice and utter contempt for the lives of others - no critical "judgment" worth the term, only shoot to kill first and ask questions later. Ordinary brutality against adults, kids and the elderly is rampant in the cop culture, and cops of decency, do not speak-out against the system or brutality!

The failure of the "Justice" system to hold any killer cops to account is the crime - the Blue Wall of silence and complicity of "prosecutors" who are just cops in suits - a system that makes a mockery of justice, civil rights, and common decency - respect for the lives of citizens.

Killer cops even in cases where there is video evidence are often not charged, much-less convicted by design! Cops chose a judge trial evading their peers - laws and procedure are designed to shield killer/brutal cops - the fix is in!

The murders of black men and women where there is no video, who knows how many, what evidence was disappeared or fabricated, what predictable lies were told - "I thought he reached for a gun" - "I was in fear of my life", "he ran" or "tried to run me over" he didn't obey fast enough - all BS fabrications by depraved executioners.......

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! Enough of these cop murders with zero accountability!


Just one more advantage of living overseas. That doesn't happen here. Not the stories - not the crime.


And I think a lot of these low-intelligence cops are on steroids! They ache for a shooting! This just rips me apart!!


Disclaimer - I have not perused the details of this shooting. One can only take so much... But I did want to mention one thing anecdotally.

My best friend and university roommate is a physican's assistant at a VA hospital on the east coast. Her work is as a General Practitioner - she is not in any specialty area. The tales she tells about what goes on are hair raising to say the least.
But the one that bears direct relevance to these endless police 'shoot to kill first ask questions later' shootings is that she said nearly 100% of the vets she sees from the Middle East conflicts own personal firearms( and often against VA rules bring them into the facility with impunity) AND suffer from PTSD at the same near 100% rate . She has been thrown to the floor by patients because she touched them on the shoulder triggering an attack response, they often talk nonchalantly of ' maybe today I will have to shoot my way out of here' or 'maybe this is the day you die doc'. At first she immediately called security but it got so routine she stopped. Some patients she will not see without a large male orderly present because of past experience. Also nothing was done about it anyway. Police were not even called.
But the worst part is:
A huge percentage of these PTSD ridden vets are......... COPS. They get preferential hiring and their medical histories of Severe PTSD are whitewashed.
Think about that the next time you get stopped for speeding at 10pm - your officer might just be having a flashback, an out of control fear or anger issue or is just plain loony from his( yes it is mostly the men) deployments....


I've heard reports that Facebook has been complicit in the coverup of this incident, that Ms. Reynolds' live video stream of the event was taken down and her Facebook page temporarily deleted. I'm guessing that has something to do with the video that is now available being a reversed image of the event. So, big-time corporate social-media cannot be counted on to allow the truth of official misconduct and abuse to be shown to the World. Remember when it was predicted that social media would bring an end to the secrecy and abuse of dictators and totalitarian governments? Looks like it can't even be used to expose those problems in what are supposed to be democratic countries.


The Ministry of Truth in action.


Thank you for that information. The entire situation is heartbreaking. What you describe is yet another example of the obscene effects of war and another reason to keep depraved neocons out of office.


Tell me about it. I have two sons, one a sales trainer and the other an engineer. One of the first things we taught them when learning to drive was to keep your hands on the steering wheel until the officer tells you what to do next and to always answer "Yes, sir." At my birthday gathering recently, my youngest son in the presence of my oldest said that piece of advice has probably saved their lives on more than one occasion. My oldest agreed. White lives matter. They matter very much and when anyone, regardless of race, is senselessly murdered my tears flow with the victims' families. Every time I hear of another black man murdered at the hands of someone hired to protect him, my heart goes out to the victim's family and I cry because my sons are at high risk for the same kind of fate. It takes courage for all those young black activists to put their lives on the line with Martin Luther King, Jr., and other black and white martyrs to remind this country that Black Lives Matter as well.


Combat Forces are brainwashed into treating anyone not wearing their uniform as "The Enemy."

They are then let loose on the Innocent Populace of the Countries that have been illegally Invaded by Our

And when they get back here their Mission Continues

As they are Preferentially snapped up by Law Enforcement
that Nurtures said mindset.

As Citizens,

Exactly what is supposed to be in this Deal that Benefits Us?


Killed By Police - 2016


The "low-intelligence cop" is an integral part of the recruitment process - intelligent cops are not wanted on the force, or hired - no independent thinking wanted.

ALL cops should have mandatory drug testing for a wide variety of drugs on a rigid schedule that cannot be bypassed! Many drugs are known to induce violent behavior or paranoia and in a cop with the power of life and death over people, it's critical to have cops drug-tested very often!

The ME wars have come home to America also, with many ex-military becoming cops and bringing their training to kill to "law-enforcement" - the combination of military training and desensitization to the lives of others and viewing people as "enemy" coupled with similar police "training" and viewing citizens as "perps" and criminals first (or revenue streams) are together with other realities and personal racism and violent behavior, clearly a deadly combination.......

Many police stops and interactions begin with the police role in acquisition of revenue for the state or municipality - tickets and fines - and can escalate quickly - like a "broken taillight" or fabrication of such.
We have seen this play far too often and nothing is ever done to change the dynamic - killer cops are almost never held to account and the system is tilted toward the cop almost always including the so-called "prosecutor" and other mechanisms to help the cop evade justice/accountability!



No criminal record... I wonder how they will demonize this one.


Many of these murdering pigs are straight from the killing machine imperialist military! There is NO justice in police state amerika!


That's why it's so important that we continue to contribute to sites like Common Dreams. Otherwise, such sites will either fold; or, be taken over by the 1%; and, the Internet will be about as worthwhile as corporate TV, which I finally got rid of today...hadn't watched it in two months.

As an aside, the guys from my small town high school class, who became cops or security guards or whatever, were at the bottom of the class, grade-wise; were okay athletes with an inflated sense of self-worth ( I was also an athlete; so, I knew them well); were MPs (military police) during Vietnam; and, really weren't qualified for much of anything, except policing, when they were discharged. At least one of them lost his job as a small town cop, due to taking advantage of his position of authority. But, that wouldn't stop him from being hired by another municipality.


You're not going to get rid of guns in the USA...period...that will never happen. Cops need to be prosecuted and jailed; and, they need to be taught to back off from questionable situations; to call for back up; and, then to carefully assess the situation. To be able to do that; however, they do need to be somewhat intelligent. Good luck getting that implemented.

New York's (or anyplace's) Finest...yeah, right... Pure bullshit.


I feel the same.


Unbelievable. I thought that first page was from down through the years, but it's just from 2016! It's a glaring testimony to the fact that black lives don't matter in this society any more than they did when we were executed freestyle on the plantations. There is no justice for us. The badge makes it legal.


As it happens I just moved back to MN from CA last week.
I am living in St Paul just down the hill from the governor's mansion.
People here are heartsick and royally pissed off; all colors, all genders.
Enough of this horror. I stand with all my relations in seeking justice and sanity.
The governor even stated that this never would have happened to someone white.
At least he gets it on that level.
It turns out that Castile has been stopped almost 80 times since he got a driver's license, according to the local 10 pm news cast last night. Additionally in that same segment, the broadcast also had a professor from the U of M on and stated that the stats bear out that blacks are stopped 300% plus more than whites. Yeah, driving while black...
I am so grateful that Ms Reynolds in her shocked state had the presence of mind to video and upload, stopping the spin zone from hijacking the truth.
My heart goes out to Ms Reynolds, her daughter, their respective families and grieving friends.
This town is in shock.