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"Don't Tell Me We Can't Afford Medicare for All," Says Sanders, After NYT Details Insanely Higher Costs of US Healthcare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/27/dont-tell-me-we-cant-afford-medicare-all-says-sanders-after-nyt-details-insanely


It’s the “Duopoly Disinformation Campaign” designed to make liars of those telling the truth.

TPTB want you to believe there’s only money for the Military, the Corporations, and the Rich.

Stop Fucking Enabling Them.


The Time’s editorial board will, of course, assiduously avoid any mention of these inconvenient truths, as they tirelessly strive to convince us that spending a nickel to save a dime is the epitome of fiscal irresponsibility.


Bernie needs to hit Biden and the other politicians over the head with corruption. Because they all take bribes from big Pharma and other trans national corporations to do their bidding, which mostly entails ripping people off, making them sick, profiting from the sickness and destroying the planet. The time is right to run on anti-corruption if you are Bernie Sanders. You have earned it.


My job doesn’t provide health insurance and I can’t afford it on my own.
If I get injured or have a serious illness, I will be forced to euthanize myself using pentobarbital.
If I lived in a country with a version of Medicare for All, that scenario wouldn’t be necessary.
Oh well, there are too many humans on earth anyway. If I’m forced to take the pentobarbital, there will be one less consumer and polluter.


Yes, but can you afford the pentobarbital without insurance?


Ding, ding, ding!!! How many more times does this info have to be drilled into the heads of the American people?


See this is the “free market” allowing the people in the USA to “shop around” for the best price wherein the competitive marketplace allows the consumer “Choices”.

In theory the competition is supposed to keep prices lower. This is what idiots from the friedman school of economics will tell you.

As far as the reality goes the choices the US “consumer” has are any price range they want as long as it the highest in the world. It sort of like that old joke told about democracy in the USSR. You can vote any party you like as long as it the Communist party.

Another case of projection.


Americans spend 18% of all hard earned dollars for the medicals.
50% is waste per Aetna web site.
And who monitors medical results, quality of care??

Our first step has to be improving quality and reducing waste, This auto cuts costs down to 9% of what we earn. Without any employer contribution, other than saying they are providing a group rate = $200.00 per week for husband and wife. Which was 20% of gross earnings and the famous $5,000.00 annual out of pocket.

Second step is to review all employees in health care. Those deficient are out, period.
This did occur in the Detroit area a few years ago.

Third step is to cover pre-natal through 16th birthday, fully - 100% without deductables.
Medical, dental, vision. AT age 16, the person begins paying $10.00 per month for all this. The money must be ‘earned’ by the person by work outside of any family or friends .Each birthday, we bump up the monthly premium a bit.

Fourth: we whack pharma companies. do not be afraid of nationalizing them. The government sponsors most research anyway.

Fifth: Somewhere there are a group of hundred year old guys. They take naps and accomplish moderate exercise. The radio news did not divulge other key factors like not having stress from a trumpo presidency. Menu, vodka, weather not known yet.

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Maybe you can immigrate to Australia.That country you were recently badmouthing has a much better healthcare system than the US.


But that continent is burning into a cinder. Lung health is not going to tolerate all smoke and pollutants in the air.
Try another.


I went to Mexico and got it from a veterinarian.
It’s very cheap.
Says on the box: “For Large Animals.”


I lived in Australia, an absolutely beautiful place that’s now ruined by population growth, overdevelopment, and climate change, called Byron Bay.
Australia doesn’t like immigration, and it’s on fire and led by an evangelical nut, which shows me that its populace isn’t very intelligent.
The pentobarbital self-euthanasia exit, if I become injured or deathly ill, is fine. Given that every human is a polluter and consumer, it would be one of the most ethical things I ever do, lol.

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So what is the purpose of a health insurance company? Used to be to collect a sizable group of potential patients from different companies and work deals out for coverage and care by doctors and hospitals, at discounted prices. And a main function was to take on risk, and in order to do that the insurances need a large reserve of money to cover high pay procedures and extra costs.

Now it’s all a gouging game, take on less risk, make individuals pay more out of pockets, and earn huge rewards by denying care costs (and laugh all the way to the bank) for their board members, CEO’s, and stockholders. Of course a lot of blame resides in the rip off prices of medical procedures and pharmaceutical pricing.

Who needs private health insurance companies!? One payer universal health care with more control over costs and no prime profit motive from the ill health of the people, is the way of the future.
Bernie 2020.


I calculated what we currently pay for health insurance for my wife and I. Then calculated Medicare for all while increasing our income tax by 25%. At the end of the year we saved $1,200 by using the Medicare for All model.


And I doubt your income tax would increase anywhere that amount. You people have been brainwashed BIG TIME.
In the past 5 years my wife has two new knees & a new hip. Our cost? Our monthly premiums of $75. which are just about to disappear.


Estimated costs of health care in USA now approaching 4 trillion dollars a year, and rising rapidly. Certainly more than than highest scary estimated costs of Medicare for All quoted at 3 trillion dollars a year by opponents.
The major question that I would like you to answer, why can’t the ‘richest’ country in the world afford universal health care for its population when dozens of other countries have done so for years? Of course other countries don’t spend as much on military and war as the next 8 highest payers. Indeed we are a ‘fortunate’ country, a death machine empire instead of a benevolent healthy democratic one…Might is right, until it’s not. The day is fast approaching, our empire will implode like so many before. We become the Axis with Israel, Britain, and a few others, and the rest of the world are the Allies. This has been played out in the not too distant past. Not a good ending for any of us—as the 6th Extinction takes all. Oh yeh, don’t forget that nagging issue. It that doesn’t ring a bell, try out the fact that in 30 years most all the wealth in this country will reside in just a few hands, and the revolution by the 99.9% is inevitable. The MIC oligarchy have so much backed this country into a death spiral corner.

A spark of life is before us, listen to the scientists, follow the budding youth movements, go big progressive. Go Green. Rapidly.
Bernie and Us. 2020.


The facts are refuted by the myths of months of waiting for sub-par care. The myths are much more entertaining than facts. It is like gossip which travels on a super highway until everybody is sure that what they heard is the truth.


New York Times…Who’s publishing “Fake News” Now?

Mr. Blair M. Phillips

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WTF is going on? WAPO gets anti war fever and NYT gets health care fever.

Considering NYT and their chief war bitch Judith Miller were on the front line of selling attack on Iraqi,…they can’t complain about their own lies.