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"Don't Worry About It": Trump Shrugs Off Hostility With Australia, Mexico


"Don't Worry About It": Trump Shrugs Off Hostility With Australia, Mexico

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump wrecked relations with yet another foreign leader on Wednesday, leaving Australia scrambling to save its refugee resettlement agreement with the U.S. after he lashed out at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a phone call.


Trump: " you have a bunch of bad hombres down there."
As someone that has lived and worked in Mexico, they have some criminals...sure...but it is nothing compared to the bad hombres and criminals that occupy our white house!


Don't Worry? Don't stop!


"'The world is in trouble, but we're gonna straighten it out, OK? That's what I do, I fix things,' Trump said. 'We're gonna straighten it out. Believe me. When you hear about the tough phone calls I'm having, don't worry about it. Just don't worry about it.'"

"'You have a bunch of bad hombres down there,' Trump told Peña Nieto, according to the transcript of the hour-long call that took place last Friday. 'You aren't doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn't, so I just might send them down to take care of it.'"

First, needing to confessed is I am neither a psychiatrist nor a clinical psychologist. That made clear, these comments, especially the first in response to the Prime Minister of Australia, evoke to me a clinical narcissist. Such a being lives within a black and white world of their own creation, in which "we're gonna straighten it out, OK? That's what I do, I fix things". This terrifies me considering the power Trump has as President of the US.

Correspondingly, it seems that during the Trump presidency, it is not unrealistic to expect an effective isolation of the US, as other countries proceed among one another, avoiding dealing with the US as much as possible. To be remembered in this respect is Trump's dismissal of NATO members who do not contribute what Trump considers adequate paying of "dues". Combine this with his apparent identity with Vladimir Putin, perhaps because of the Orthodox identity of his current spouse.

This insult is to added to that to Australia and Mexico. Also to be noted is carrying on foreign relations with "tweets" and abruptly terminated phone conversations. Insulting to any normal human being, when conducted at the international level, such demeaning behavior is dangerous indeed because of its offensiveness.


First he went after the Muslims, and I did nothing because I wasn't a Muslim.
Then went after the Mexicans, and I did nothing because I wasn't a Mexican...

You know how the rest of that poem goes...

But "don't worry about it". He "fixes" things, you know.


"To say that it is amateur hour at the White House is to slander amateurs."

David Brooks explaining the demise of the GOP, how drumpf is gutting it's soul. He says so much of what we have been saying.


" This terrifies me considering the power the President has".
Yeah, me too!


It should be obvious by now, to any not in thrall to the trump regime lies and "alternative facts", that we are in the clutches of a deranged madman and his white-supremacist "Svengali" adviser - from neoliberal betrayals to neofascist repression.
At every opportunity (or not) trump's insanity and childish arrogance will alienate, provoke, ridicule, antagonize, marginalize, demonize and expel any and all who do not cower before his majesty - any who do not demonstrate craven obedience to his insanity and arrogance beware his displeasure - and moronic tweets.........

This reality IS the clear and present danger, and we will be lucky to not be in a shooting or nuclear war before 6 months are out - trade wars and other financial, civil-rights, environmental, and free-speech atrocities should be expected.


Nieto should publicly state, calmly but forcefully, that any such incursion into the sovereign nation of Mexico will and must be considered an act of war. If it comes to that the international community must act to sanction the US government and the principal antagonist, namely Trump. He's so globally invested, could really make him howl. Then we might see how steadfastly committed all our "beautiful and wonderful troops" are to the petulance of a psycho tyrant.

For tonight I will put impeachment at the top of my priorities.


One of my favorite signs from the Women's March was "First they came for the Muslims...and we said...'Not this time, you bastards!'"


Here we are, being 'governed' by a narcissist that is probably 2 standard deviations below the mean which is painfully obvious in the way he talks and his need to be 'worshipped' at all costs, and he tweets b/c his attention span is only 140 characters long!


Here's the thing about allies: they aren't always who we want. But politicians know this. Did we not ally with China and Russia during WWII? Of course. But now they are our enemies. Australia is another Authoritarian state that craps all over their indigineous people. You would think Trump would be best friends with them. But he's not. It's sad that we will end up like Germany, with one ally. Except for us it will be England. I think Trump would have made a good friends with Mussolini.


Hey there is a reason Trump likes quoting him.


"The world is in trouble, but we're gonna straighten it out, OK?"

Un-freaking-believable. Since the end of WWll, the US has worked hard to gain the distrust and contempt of much of the world. We have a few business partners left, and no allies. Now consider that as a result of the longest, most expensive war in US history, this country has been drained out militarily and economically. We can't rebuild this time because, since the 1980s, the US shut down/shipped out a huge share of our jobs. Meanwhile, the American people have been profoundly divided, pitted against each other by class, race, and ideology. But never mind all that, "We're going to straighten this all out."

We now have an arrogant madman in DC. One bad move, one threatening Trumpism, and China can put an end to the US within a week. But don't worry about it.


Except that Americans themselves can't stand Americans. Those who are not on the right wing are deeply split apart by class and race.Divide, subdivide, conquer.


What these women don't acknowledge is that in the US, "First they came for the poor..."


The Republicans, now with all the levers of power got what they have wanted for the last 40years and their 'soul'? Well after the years of obstructing governance are getting the Frankenstein they helped to create while having kissed their 'soul' goodbye. Money, profits have taken lodging where their conscience should have been. Same with the corporate Democrats who place their own advantages and love of power above the good of the nation. Hopefully the justice democrats can seize their party from the corporate democrats so that the Republicans who joined out of some sense of decency in response to the Tea Party will rejoin the Republican Party and kick out the lunatics.


Indeed. Can't help comparing him to Rome's Caligula. An avalanche is rapidly descending and we must find a way to mitigate its effects as it comes crashing, destroying everything and everyone in its path.


The President is right to get rid of NATO! De-fund it immediately! Recall Obama/Nuland's thousands of NATO missiles and tanks massed on the Russian border. It's going to get us all killed in a thermonuclear war, which no one will survive.

What terrifies me, is the ignorance of my fellow citizens. The cold war is over. The Russian Bear is a shadow of it's former self and a threat to no one as long as you quit poking it in the eye with a sharp stick. Russia still has 7500 nuclear warheads (more than we do.)

NATO via Clinton as Sec of State, wants to invade Russia and steal it's oil and timber. Since one-third of our oxygen comes from the Siberian forest, I don't want that to happen.



Speaking of "fixing things" here is a Los Angeles Times article about the 32.5 Million$$$ in which Trump and his adult children participated in swindling hundreds of investors in a proposed Trump condo resort in Baja Mexico:

Ivanka and Don Junior played integral roles in pushing the failed enterprise: “We are developing a world-class resort befitting of the Trump brand,” Ivanka Trump said in a video on the Trump Baja website. “I’m very excited about it. I actually chose to buy a unit in the first tower.”

Their persistent, pernicious penchant for the most unethical, criminal enterprises has got be in their DNA.