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Doomsday Clock Now '2 Minutes to Midnight' as Trump Drives Up Nuclear and Climate Threats


Doomsday Clock Now '2 Minutes to Midnight' as Trump Drives Up Nuclear and Climate Threats

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
In response to rising nuclear tensions and concerns about inadequate action to address the climate crisis, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced Thursday the hands of the Doomsday Clock have been moved and it is now just two minutes midnight, a signal to the world that international scientists and policy experts are increasingly worried about the likeliness of global catastrophe.


Perfect, just perfect. Oh Boy, golly. And pretty much predictable,that “leadership” which is so inept and lacking in statesmanship would push that clock further ahead and faster, too.


If this Bulletin from the Atomic Scientists doesn’t alarm you, then probably nothing will until you wake up one morning and see this headline: TRUMP ORDERS,


The article notes the nuclear threat and the climate change threat.

But there is really only one overarching threat - the complete lack of responsible leadership at the top.

“Adults in the Room” pretty much says it all
(title of Yanis Varoufakis book)


The 2018 XXIII Winter Olympic Games are held in PyeongChang, SK, in February. Hopefully, no major ‘incidents’ are happening that could be exploited as a reason to start the inferno…


The oligarchs will not tolerate nuclear war, but they will play the fear card relentlessly. They must be shopping for some more rights to be willingly given away by the people. Someone please explain to me the advantages of worrying about something you cannot change.


Manhattan was under water before 2015. Sandy. Also Jersey, Long Island. But all that’s over now, right?


with a president like trump and the taunts he uses and mightier then thou, it shouldn’t be a wonder that people are living in fear. the wolves have the sheep surrounded and now the wolves are hungry. what will they take from us to make us a “safe nation”, what will trump use as a way to promote himself?


Scoff at hard science all you want. The coastal cities are being flooded on a yearly basis. The nuclear threat is immediate, global poisoning a slow death by 1,000’s of cuts yearly until hemorrhaging can’t be stopped. Take your choice, death by nuclear annihilation or industrial capitalism’s poisoning, either way mankind perishes.


The clock could have been set at 1 minute to midnight if Hillary Clinton had been elected, at least according to some posters who claimed she was a greater threat than Trump. The main talking point seemed to be she was trying to start a nuclear war with Russia. I guess someone who has downed several martinis could believe that one. If I had to guess the clock would not be set this close to midnight if Clinton had won. Would she be carrying on making childish threats against North Korea like Trump? No. Would she have made the decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agree? No. Would she be allowing oil and gas drilling along both coasts and Alaska? No. Would she have proposed a major green energy program for solar and wind? Yes. We would still have a threat of nuclear war and climate change, nobody we elected could have changed that, but I don’t think the clock would have been set so close to midnight.


Hell, if it was up to me I’d move the clock up to 01:45 seconds until midnight. The leadership seems to think a nuclear war could be “won”. The global poisoning is a longer term proposition. Oceans are being over fished, over heated, polluted by toxic chemicals and tons of plastic, and acidifacation due to increases CO2. Close to 2 billion people rely on oceans for food. All the signs are there if one looks. I won’t go into all the toxins being unleashed on the lands, atmospheric CO2 being the most obvious. Just the nuclear waste from the 500+ reactors on Earth represent a serious long term problem of safe disposal. On And on, it goes forever.


ha ha. If a nuclear attack is ordered, there won’t be no headlines. But I get what you’re saying.


the oligarchs will have no power to stop an accidental nuclear war. It can happen and has nearly happened way too many times to think our luck can hold forever.


Well stated. And we should make decommissioning all of those nuclear reactors a top priority. Global CO2 readings at Mona Loa observatory are pushing north of 409 ppm. We are all in a world of hurt (literally). I don’t understand why people don’t see the direness and urgency of our current situation. I’d say we’re one minute to midnight.


Why we need to rid ourselves of the capitalist-globalists who are dominating our home planet and turning it into a hellhole for private profit and will risk a nuclear catastrophe to “ensure” they protect it.


And this does not even mention the Pentagon’s recent announcement of its decision to use nuclear weapons.


When you look at the myriad of catastrophic events that threaten our world, then you look at the people in power charged with dealing with those threats, and one can only surmise we are all surely doomed.


More and more are coming to that realization. But nobody wants to be the first martyr. They know that the fascists are ready and willing to crush any who oppose them.

It will be like Russia in 1917…something will happen, it might even be quite small but it will be like setting a spark to a supertanker full of kerosene. There will be no organized resistance…there will be anarchy but only after the people cannot suffer any more…they will act when the consequences of acting are less then those of not acting. In other words people won’t charge the guns until they realize it is better then starving.

When that day comes…and it will…there will be a reckoning the likes the world has never seen.


You took the words right out of my mouth…


Oh please–let’s hear more. Who are your chosen Lords of Science?