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Doomsday Clock Now '2 Minutes to Midnight' as Trump Drives Up Nuclear and Climate Threats

So? Your point?

True! " They won’t see it coming until it is too late."

In the Book of Revelations is written that end of the world events will occur at the sounding of a trumpet. Trumpet…trump? I wonder if there’s a connection? Oh well, we’ll see. Before Jesus died he told us that there would eventually be an end to it all. Maybe we’ve gotten a bit too clever to be tolerable by the Creator anyway. I’m thinking about genetic manipulation; substitution of male or female spouses by Replicant pleasure robots; certain people gaining immense wealth by guile rather than by the sweat of their brow; while in our midst the simpler of God’s people are literally starving. Maybe it’s time… well, in two more minutes.

Given how many people, particularly here, believe that the USA and capitalism are the greatest threats to the world, to its peace, prosperity, justice and so forth …
– Nuclear war that destroyed the USA might be a good thing for the world … After that, what should the Doomsday clock be set to? Presuming that anyone from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists were around to do it.

Here are two articles to look at, and two comments to earlier comments:

Reality: Humanity can’t indefinitely avoid using nuclear weapons


How is that working out in Syria?

The Che Guevara-s among us have a ‘better’ idea. Line them up and shoot the gusanos.

Let’s just get this over with. ‘Taint no pleasure in life.’

Or like Lays Potato Chips “He tried, but he couldn’t do it, no one can use just one!”

A common statement on the anti-nuclear left.
Consider the conundrum that Eisenhower left JFK. During Eisenhower’s administration the doctrine (memory) was ‘overwhelming annihilation’. JFK found a lot of brush fire wars happening in the world, with the Soviet Union promoting those wars, and the USA ill-equipped to support defense against such wars.

– Pausing to note that many on the left believe that the USA should never ever fight or defend in a war, and that ‘best’ would be if the USA were defeated, and had a people’s revolution. …

JFK and his team studied the works of Mao, Ho and Che, and broadened US tactics.

Henry Kissinger recently discussed the same topic in today’s terms. It is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Thursday 1-25-2018 page A15. Russia has weapons and tactics that the US doesn’t have. Kissinger said that the US could find itself with a suicide or surrender choice: commit suicide by going nuclear, or surrender and we see major re-alignments in the world; several of which many people would view negatively.