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‘Doorstep Convention’ Builds The Vote Against Hate And Intolerance


‘Doorstep Convention’ Builds The Vote Against Hate And Intolerance

LeeAnn Hall

We are just days away from the Republican National Convention. Next week, the corporate elite will descend on Cleveland, Ohio, to presumably nominate a candidate whose life’s work is stealing from others to build wealth for himself.

By naming Donald Trump as their choice, they are endorsing a candidate who built his campaign by stoking hate and fear, and insulting immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, African Americans, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people and women.


No, the corporate elite are not showing up in Cleveland to nominate the Republican candidate t - they're all going to the Democratic convention to nominate Hillary - the bankers and the Military Industrial Complex united in harmony, with a little back-up rhythm supplied by the Noam and Bernie duet.


I wish the first commenters had read beyond the lede, but I also wish LeeAnn Hall had given us some idea what there is we can vote FOR. That will be my question if the "doorstep convention" comes to me. We do indeed need to go deeper, but it's not enough to agree we don't like one of the nominees. And no, neither is it enough to vote for one of the third-party candidates for the top office. I join Bernie Sanders in looking down-ticket. What can we still do to turn the Congress to one that will work for us? And who is on the ballot for state offices, local boards? I would welcome someone on my doorstep who can help me see how to get that working.


Participants in the doorstep campaign need to avoid wearing red or blue, wearing as much GREEN as possible,


I'm in NJ, and thanks, I have my projects going. What I want is no parties, or parties that function only to develop candidates. That's well down the line, especially at the presidential level, but that's where I'm working.


LeeAnn writes, "We need to move a real economic agenda that takes power from corporations and wealthy elites and puts it back in the hands of the people."

The only way to do that is to redistribute the source of that power.


I mean bringing forward individuals willing and able to serve in government. But I'm sick to death of people in office whose first loyalty is to a party and not to governance.


Good point. My first reaction was "Here go the door knockers." I dread elections where Democrats will, by election time, be calling me 3 times a day or more and knocking on my door repeatedly.