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Dopey Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why AFL-CIO Members Aren’t Showing Up at His Rallies


Dopey Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why AFL-CIO Members Aren’t Showing Up at His Rallies

John Nichols

Donald Trump rallied his supporters in Manheim, Pennsylvania, Saturday night with a call for union members to show their support. To the Republican presidential nominee’s surprise, his appeal was answered with silence.

“The AFL-CIO: How many members here are in the AFL-CIO?” Trump called out to the crowd. “Many?”

After an awkward pause, the billionaire “populist” responded to the non-response.

“All right, not too many,” observed a befuddled Trump. “Where are you?”


So this contest is between two parasites, one an uncultured scum, other perhaps able to recite Milton and Shakespeare. One could vote for Stein, but in this "democracy" one of the parasitic class is going to win, as the history shows us.



Ha ha ha--and dopey John NIchols still cannot figure out why nobody much cares what he has to write about much of anything. Nichols and Trump--a matched pair!


To all blue collar workers who are republicans ...To vote for Trump is only going to bite you in the arse.....Anyone with a brain and works pay check to pay check, I must tell you that the republican party does not love you..they offer us nothing but theological bull shit perpetuated by repetitive lying...They are the working mans enemy....To vote for Trump is an idiots move....His ideas are for the rich to get richer and for us to work longer hours for lower pay, no benefits, no ssn, no unemployment insurance, no job safety, no paid this, no paid that, no promises of a better future, and no health care.. Just same old same old as told to us by a spoiled never hurt for anything rich moron posing as a politician...and dumber n a box of used condoms.
geeze republicans have reached a new level of stupid in fact they give stupid a bad name....In fact republicans make Forest Gump look like an intellectual genius,,,,and that's all I got to say about that.