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'Dotard' vs. 'Madman': Kim Jong-un and Trump Trade Insults as Nuclear Anxieties Grow


'Dotard' vs. 'Madman': Kim Jong-un and Trump Trade Insults as Nuclear Anxieties Grow

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un traded insults early on Friday, continuing a war of words that's gone on for months, causing widespread anxiety over the possibility of a nuclear attack as North Korea conducts missile tests and Trump administration officials attempt to do damage control regarding the president's threats of retaliation.


No reports in the US/UK media about the Syrian forces crossing the Euphrates river to liberate Deir ez Zur after a three year siege by ISIS.


Only 51%??? This just confirms what I have been feeling, that roughly half this country is delusional! God help us!


When “Maddog Mattis” who has said that it is “fun to kill people” warns against military action, you know that we are in deep dod-doo.


And polls on MSM show that more than 50% approve of Trump’s UN speech and more than 50% think that the US should back out of the Iran deal.
It may be too late for even God to help us.
But thank God that the rapture is tomorrow and all of these people will be gone…


How’s this for an insult? “They both have double chins.” It’s not always what we see. Choosing the least flattering presentation is what counts! lol


My thoughts exactly. The sickness in this country apparently runs pretty deep.


Peaceful negotiations aren’t going to happen with the orange one.


I don’t believe any MSM polls results. I think they are all manipulated. No big shock there, I’m sure.


No other news outlet that I’ve seen talks about Bernie Sanders sane, hopeful foreign policy speech where we won’t be war mongering any longer with endless wars.

I guess they are afraid of loosing ad money from the war mongers.


re “dotard:” Herr Twitler had somebody look it up. Rocket Man knows more English than he does–embarrasing!


I guess killing 25 million people takes the fun out of killing even for Maddog Mattis! Because to quote our insane, great leader that we will wipe North Korea " off the map" that is probably what it would take to wipe N.K. " off the map".


So why don’t all other countries simply ignore Trump and the U.S. sanctions, and carry on with business as usual? Also, Kim Jong Un…got it exactly right! Trump is a dotard!


It’s not Trump that scares me, it’s the people who think he’s doing a good job.


When the dotard heard in the press that his UN speech to the UN was “Hitlarian,” he probably had an organism right there in the oval orifice.
*Sheesh! and 49% thought it was a good speech and that what we are doing to humanity is just fine as our Wehrmacht is “defending us” by slaughtering innocents around the world and laying waste to their countries, then despising the refugees and refusing them help, and leaning on any other nation that wished to help them.
*Yep, I think the press called it right. The Dotard is a wannabe Hitler who is trying to convince himself that his star is rising.


It would be a lot more than 25 million. Unless trump thinks that any damage done by a nuclear bomb dropped on N. Korea will stop at the S. Korea border.


Not just South Korea. Remember, the whole world will be “downwinders” as the fallout blows downwind. Japan will be the prime beneficiary of the dotard’s attack. Alaska, then Canada, then the Fourth Reich will all receive it before it crosses the Atlantic.
*I fear that, as Long John Silver said, “Them that dies will be the lucky ones.”


Probably true, many more than 25 million, probably too conservative of a figure. But unfortunately, it looks like the insanity of Trump has put us on the eve of nuclear destruction…but of course, I would hope I am wrong!


Here is a link to the Real Clear Politics polls summary page.


This is a good website to check out most all of the polls on spread sheet type format. Trump’s non support level is now a strong majority. The problem with Trump debating with Jong-un is they are both high strung, ego maniac, sociopaths,


“But thank God that the rapture is tomorrow and all of these people will be gone.” I think the flying spaghetti monster will eat em’ up.:wink: