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Doubling Down on Dystopia: Preventing the Triumph of Trump’s Will


Doubling Down on Dystopia: Preventing the Triumph of Trump’s Will

John Feffer

Dystopias have recently achieved full-spectrum dominance. Kids are drawn to such stories -- The Giver, Hunger Games -- like Goths to piercings. TV shows about zombie apocalypses, pandemics, and technology run amok inspire binge watching. We’ve seen the world-gone-truly-bad a thousand times over on the big screen.


"A Hard Core of those enthralled byTrump...don't believe CNN or the New York Times...

And WE should?


Zombies everywhere!

It could be said that the 120+ Million 'Zombies' who voted on November 8th, 2016 for a Republican or the Democrat helped the 'Doubling Down on Dystopia'.

All of them voted to prolong the Corporate takeover of America, whether they admit it or not.

What was it about, People, Planet, and Peace over Profit, that prevented them from seeing past the Liars they voted for?

Zombies Everywhere.


Two flaws in this article:


"There was no middle ground (in the 2016 election) between the groups except those who decided to steer clear of the election" is an example of fake news that gives Trump and his ilk leverage.

If we define middle ground as identifying the same problem (that the needs of a majority of Murkins have not been met), Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein's serially progressive messages were embraced by more registered voters than either Trump's or Clinton's messages were. Although Clinton voters may have discounted the need for change, Trump, Sanders and Stein voters were on the same page, just with different ways to react.


The term "incompetent" should never be used in describing the performance of any Murkin political party. It was overused during the Dubya Regime and excused the devious conduct of all players. The same mistake is now being made in analyzing the Trump Regime.

Irrespective of what party they identify with, fascists want us to believe they are "incompetent" because it allows them to accelerate their rightward push. Nothing they do is an error, mistake or anything else that constitutes incompetence. Theirs is all a well executed plan to turn Murka neofeudal whereby the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.

Incompetence means you don't know what you are doing. Devious means you are intentionally doing something evil. Progressives confuse incompetence with devious behavior at their own peril.


"Trump’s end will not come at the hands of a Katniss Everdeen." Probably not... but oh, wouldn't that be grand?!


Dystopia can and does act subconsciously at times. An apparently and sadly insignificant and rarely considered truth which may be acting subconsciously on many Americans is that right now, at this moment we are killing children. While it should be THE major consideration in our actions anywhere on the globe, it is not. Dystopia, among other things, both psychological and cultural is a logical development when we prance around the world murdering whomever we feel needs to be murdered. Does anyone remember that human abomination Madeline Albright's reply to the interviewer when asked if five hundred thousand dead children was worth the implementation of our policies in the Mideast? I do and as a result I've noticed a noticeable dystopian feeling right down into my soul. Hmmm, with people like this in charge I've become overly protective of my own children for who knows who may be next?


Well your question begs a distinction.

Can a person determine whether or not a CNN published article, or newscast is pimping for Trump? Yes.

Can a person determine whether or not a NYT article, or WAPO article is pimping for Trump? Yes.

Can a person determine whether or not an NPR broadcast segment is pimping for Trump? Yes.

Since pimping for Trump, in most every case, is indistinguishable from pimping for more power for corporations and super wealthy individuals, then in those cases the spin in favor of Trump/Corporatism should not be believed.

I've been an observer of MSM for decades and have yet to be fooled once, whether that MSM is pimping corporate power through spinning for corporatism of Obama or Trump, through spinning for neoliberal economic policies of Obama or Trump, or Bush, or Clinton, or Bush, or Reagan, or Carter, or Nixon.

It is pretty easy to read the tea leaves.

Trump supporters who don't get that their champion, the fake populist, is set to double down on foisting corporate governance (pursued feverishly by post DLC Democrats and Republicans alike) that has negatively impacted their lives through stagnant wages, skyrocketing health care costs, and the rest, are the epitome of poor news analysts to begin with, fake or otherwise.

Trump supporters who think he is a champion of truth are the epitome of pathetic observers of media.




Well, my fine feathered friend, I understood your post completely. Over the years many commenters here have said "Throw away your TV's, ignore the msm," etc. And I have always responded that you do that at your own peril. I won't go so far as to say I've never been fooled, but only that I am hardly ever fooled. The msm is the mouthpiece of our masters, and even though it is a frank Zappa characterized it - the Video Slime - I listen intently to what comes out of the horses' asses. Or like The Moody Blues said in Question:

It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me,
It's more the way you really mean it
When you tell me what will be