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'Doubling Down' on War on Women, Texas Moves to Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funds


'Doubling Down' on War on Women, Texas Moves to Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funds

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Texas is moving to cut off Planned Parenthood from Medicaid funding, despite a recent federal order that forbids states from doing just that.

State health officials on Tuesday delivered a final legal notice to defund the healthcare organization from the funds it receives through Title X, the federal program that gives financial support to groups providing family planning and preventive services to low-income patients.


More intelligent women will tend to vote with their feet and move away from states that are hostile to women.

Intelligent men who appreciate intelligent women will show a tendency to follow along.

Natural selection will thus naturally produce a state with a stupid population.

The new restriction on women may indicate this natural process is already irreversibly accelerating in Texas.


And here we go with conservatives forcing their beliefs down the throats of the people, denying freedom and liberty, expanding the scope and intrusiveness of government all under the false pretense of "saving unborn babies." But when those babies are born and the mothers can't afford to feed them because their conservative employers pay them low wages and the mothers then apply for WIC to get help to feed their babies, the conservatives try to cut funding to WIC because its a socialist welfare program. So, the babies get saved so that they can live a life of poverty all created by conservative design. Is this what conservatives mean by family values? Here's a bit of irony: the WIC program was first enacted by Pres. Richard Nixon. Who the hell are these assholes calling themselves republican conservatives these days? The Republican Party of today is not the Republican Party of yesterday.


By every metric, quality of life, including economics is worse for the bottom 90% of red state residents compared to blue states.

Draconian abortion legislation will create an even wider divide as more red state residents travel to blue states seeking medical services.


I guess it has to get really bad for the other 48% to get off their duffs and actually cast their ballots for something better.


It's amazing that they don't realize it. How do the education metrics compare between red and blue states?


Clinton made virtually no concessions in her platform to the Sanders contingent and so they didn't vote. I'm not excusing the not voting but in this case it required them to choose between two outcomes they didn't want and not realizing that Clinton didn't have it in the bag, they chose not to bother. I'm sure that if we had a re-do, given the things that are now becoming evident about Trump, the results would be much different.


could violate federal law

Could? How about Does? Oh, wait, under Bush, the number of Federal Attorneys, Prosecutors & Judges was slashed because they kept investigating Corporate & "White Collar" Crime. The Rich people really Hate it when that happens.

And, during the Obama administration, the Republikans in the Senate made sure those jobs Stayed Empty.

The few who are left adopted a wishy washy approach to both keep their jobs and because they really don't have the time for any more prosecutions in their schedules anyway.


Since Trump's win, clinics have seen an increase in threatening behavior:



The Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, White Supremacists, and Pro-lifers (yes, I lumped them altogether because their tactics are alarmingly similar and brutal) are now emboldened by the rants of their chosen emperor-elect who will continue to stoke their fires of hatred/xenophobia/bigotry/misogyny/racism and foster their blood-thirsty penchant for violence. Fire up the chariot, the emperor-elect wants to perpeturally exalt his triumph because he is going into adoration withdrawal and gets very nasty without that (and any other number of) fix(es).


Texas has wanted to secede ( like most Southern states) since before the civil war- they've wanted to do their own thang. I say good riddance to bad rubbish.


Look- she won the popular vote, but she lost. Get over it already, and work on the present. I think in mental health terms it's called ruminating or wallowing. I doubt that results would be different.


Horrible. Most Southern states are at the bottom.


They are too busy shopping at WalMrt.


The bluer states are a "democracy". The red states are a theocracy.


They are insane, and do not care about unborn babies. It's all control wrapped up in "religion." Also while they yell about small government, they have no problem talking about "bedroom policies." They are against abortion, and birth control even condems. They are INSANE. These types used to be considered as laughable.


This from body parts butcher, Cecile Richards?


Exactly which lie are you referencing in your post? It's hard to keep them all straight.


Let's not forget to include the social impact of kids who grow up in poverty and the percentage who will turn to gangs, drugs and violence as a means of social acceptance. Society, and by that I mean government and their facilitators will then incarcerate them into the private prison systems, so its just an extension of corporate perverseness to cut funding and increase profits no matter how many lives they have to ruin. This is why they hate abortion, less people to exploit for profit.


Oh look, one of those FUX schooled forced birther morons/ trolls-because stupidity and ignorance are so in vogue these days.