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Doubling Support Since October, Bernie Sanders Takes Lead in 2020 Texas Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/doubling-support-october-bernie-sanders-takes-lead-2020-texas-poll


An avalanche of growing popular support is going to carry Sanders to the Whitehouse. Even bourgeois pundits like Krugman are softening to him as the press begins to realize that their attacks are backfiring. Lets keep up the hard work that is working to bring President Sanders to power. That great moment will mark the beginning of our real struggle. All of us or None!


MSNBC spin: Bloomberg has increased his presence among Texas voters more than 25 times any other candidate!!!


The very telling parts of this article are beginning to paint a picture. First. The electorate is slowly recovering its enthusiasm for Bernie in the wake of his recovery from a cardiac event (I feel their pain, as I’m still very apprehensive about voting for someone who is 78) but seeing as how he’s the only person running for POTUS that actually represents the views of the majority, I’m inclined to vote for him (I’d be more inclined if he would soon name a young vibrant progressive as his running mate). Second, it appears that the new DNC darlings of Klobachar and Buttigieg are finding little to no support among minority populations (you know, the democratic electorate) in southern and western states. And lastly, Trump appears to be in trouble in the once very safe, deeply red, Texas. While he still polls slightly ahead of potential democratic opponents, his numbers apear to top out at 47%. If that number stays under 50% the GOP will be shitting themselves by summer.


Bernie could win Texas?!! That plopping sound you hear is the dem and repub establishment’s dinner from last night leaving their bodies in an involuntary and explosive fashion. Somebody call the hazmat team. There’s going to be a highly toxic mess to clean up!


That’s good for an early morning laugh!


What do you bet that Bernie won’t win the state by the percentage he’s polling there?

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Texas has a populist vein which is wide but shallow in terms of voting. Voting restrictions contribute to this malaise, as well. The dislike and distrust of " big guvment " makes it difficult to organize, but Sen. Sanders and his emphasis on change from the community level up may appeal to Texans, since there’s no organic " political machine " in the state.

Time will tell who’s right.

Trump being up only 2% on Bernie and less than 50% when he is supposedly at a high water mark of his popularity…that is a really bad sign for Donald. Yea!


If Sanders is your 2nd choice candidate, please consider voting for Sanders in your upcoming primary.

Any candidate will need 30% to block a brokered convention.

Otherwise the dnc will install Bloomberg at the convention. That will guarantee 4 more years of trump.


I see Sanders, Yang and Gabbard as attempting a hostile takeover of the DNC. Each of them are successful mainstream Americans with platforms that should resonate with the vast majority of humans. They are not radical.
Sanders often outperformed the polls in 2016. So far something different is happening and he is coming in a bit below projections. I’m guessing that Nevada will be confusing and show signs of manipulation. The biggest move along with their attempts to smear and steal will be the DNC will push out all but one candidate by super Tuesday or at least right after it. Sanders is very smart. If he wins convincingly on super Tuesday the sellouts like Krugman will be frantically changing their resumes. If Bloomberg emerges we’ll need to decide what to do when they take the nomination away again…


As for Bernie’s age, the d-party establishment has no problem promoting Biden and bloomberg, both of whom are one year younger than Bernie.

And I won over a Bloomberg supporter yesterday who told me I should just forgive and forget Mike’s racist stop and frisk policies by stating that he should accept Bernie’s leftie policies in that case. Especially since they’ve become mainstream Democratic positions – unlike stop and frisk racism.


It looks like our Candidate is getting close to putting a lock on Front Runner status.

My only concern is Stop & Frisk Mike.

He is by no means the lessor of 2 Evils, Trump or Bloomberg.

He is the Personification of a Racial Bigot and can easily turn out to be the Greater Evil over Trump who is Extremely Evil?

This Progressive cannot Vote for a Warmonger Bigot anymore then I could have Voted for the Warmonger Bigot, Biden.

Bloomberg is buying his way to the top of the polls, using his wealth to silence the Black Community to disregard his past transgressions of outright Bigotry.

He is donating Millions of Dollars to Community Leaders and Black Community organizations to make them forget what an obnoxious dangerous Bigot he was with his Unconstitutional program of Throwing Black and Hispanic young men up against a Wall to pat them down.

Of course arrests shy rocketed when they did not find a weapon but found a Joint or Two.

Had the Bigoted Mayor used his Stop & Frisk degrading plan down on Wall Street his army of Cops would have found plenty of Cocaine among the Stock Brokers.

This demeaning assault on our neighbors combined with his criticism of the elimination of Red Lining in the Real Estate business, is just too much for this Progressive to absorb, this man, in my estimation should NEVER be the Nominee of the Democratic Party.



A Bloomberg nomination might not guarantee four more years of Trump, although that is the likely outcome. It will, however, guarantee one of two other outcomes.

One, a Bloomberg win will set up the conditions for another Trump to emerge in 2024.
Two, a Bloomberg loss will be blamed on Bernie and us hippies.


We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Happy Anniversary B.

Don’t give up on Bernie cause he’s 78. In 20 or so years, so too will you.

I have noticed a change in the nature of attacks against Bernie Sanders.

They have no doubt clued in that the people down in the USA , even those on the right, tend to like Bernie Sanders. They see him as one of those few honest politicians. When the personal character of Bernie Sanders attacked there tends to be a backlash and Bernie grows in support.

The new strategy is to attack his supporters claiming that they are “mean” in online chats or in person.

That all said watch for more cheats on the vote counting. We can see how much higher Bernie is polling then Buttigieg in Texas. When that vote comes up be diligent for a sudden surge to Buttigieig (Or Bloomberg) as happened in Iowa. The DNC still has tens of thousands of people who will support the DNC candidate that belong to the Shadow clan. They are invisible to most of us but show up in droves on election night.

(I guess this would prove that Ghost (voters) have a shadow (app) something I always wondered on )


FYI- CDers. Nancy Pelosi inoculates anyone in this primary against charges of being to old to run for POTUS. She’s the most powerful Democrat and closest to holding that office, currently. At 78, Nancy is only younger than Sen. ( Field Marshall ) Diane Feinstein. What’s up with that, Left Coaters?
I noticed that when Fearless Leader Nancy tore up Trump’s SOTU speech there was noticeable weakness in her right hand ( stroke? ). And, we know she refuses to hold her rosary in her left hand, when praying for President Trump.


You all who are mentioning Bloomberg, are really beginning to bum me out.

Who here would ever vote for a lifelong Republican intent on buying an election?

Give the masses some credit.

They all can’t be brain dead.

Well, maybe.