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Doubling Support Since October, Bernie Sanders Takes Lead in 2020 Texas Poll

Bernie’s the only chance democrats have of beating Trump in 2020.

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On c-span about two months ago, a political science professor provided some recent political party history of Texas and the growth of democrats there. He advised that the trend would have Texas as purple in 2022 and blue in 2026.

This poll indicates 2020 is purple.

Important is that 18% of americans elect 52 senators. This is key to power.

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Dunno if this is good or not

New York Mayor de Blasio to endorse Sanders for president: source

Emphyrio, Bernie is indeed way out front in California BUT the DNC says they already have California stolen as well so we have to keep a sharp eye out and be diligent is assuring they don’t pull any fast ones!

As far as Texas is concerned, we have become quite the purple state since the last election. Prior to Reagan we were a mostly democratic state as the farmers and ranchers tend to be hardcore democrats. I live in San Antonio and my entire neighborhood is pro Bernie as they were in 2016. I have friends that are very active with the democratic party here in San Antonio and they are very strong behind Sanders as are the hispanics statewide. The poll cited shows that Austin is firmly behind Sanders as well which is very important considering Austin has grown in population to the point of being close to San Antonio and Dallas. As far as trailing Trump, I truly believe he will bypass the fucking Orange Sack of Shit comfortably by Super Tuesday.

GO BERNIE 2020!!!


2020-02-18T05:00:00Z I wouldn’t listen to the DNC. They are trying to plant doubt so you will vote for their choice.
As the 3rd place party, behind Independents, then GOP, I’d be very afraid if I were them. They lost a lot of Democrats in 2016 with that knife in voters backs.

Polls are guesses from a cross section of voters. All blue states need to go for popular vote (same a Republicans). If that had been in place in 2016, Trump would not be sitting in the Whitehouse, President Sanders would. Bernie had the popular vote on every national poll, yet. . .

Join and post your proof of this to Texas Groups for Bernie on various Social Media. When you find anti-progressive thinking from other candidates, post that as well, with the proof.

Example: Bloomberg video of him explaining his plan for decreasing Social Security and Medicare “to teach them to …” . Look for these floating around on Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve got a lot on Buttigieg because I was born and raised in South Bend and that Spin Doctor won’t stand a chance if we encourage voters to find The South Bend Tribune (newpaper) online and search for Buttigieg articles, plus read the comments below them.

Of course, we need to follow Bernie’s example: calm, respectful approach "you may not want to vote for (whomever) after you read this article, see this video, “… " I was really concerned about voting for (??) after I read this article, which has links included show this is not fake news.” “Everyone should be informed before their vote since this is a critical election.”

I think, Buttigieg probably hates me by now, but . . . like Bernie, I am thinking of those less fortunate than I am, and I am also struggling as a retiree who should not be concerned about my future, yet here we are.