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Doubt It Can't Happen Here? Tell It to Berlin

Doubt It Can't Happen Here? Tell It to Berlin

Michael Winship

BERLIN—On the last full day of two weeks spent in this city, the requisite visit was paid to Checkpoint Charlie, the spot at the Berlin Wall where, from 1961 to 1989, allied forces and other foreigners crossed the uneasy border between East and West Berlin. (Germans had designated checkpoints of their own.)

I have said it before…if you are able to leave, do so. I am afraid, very afraid.


Doubt It Can’t Happen Here?

should read:

Doubt It Isn’t Happening Here?

Each ratchet towards Trump’s fascist totalitarianism is just another tightening of the garrot around the neck of liberty in America. It’s not something that will suddenly “happen here” but rather something that is already well underway. The important question —

What grotesque, hideous event will trigger action to stop it?


This is a link to the exhibition information and photos in English: https://www.topographie.de/en/exhibitions/special-exhibitions/

Of course it can happen here and clearly the plan on the right is make it happen here. Trump and his associates are closely tied to Russia where it happened less then 10 Years ago. They seem to have studied how Putin and oligarchs pulled off a fascist takeover in Russia around 2011 when they carried out a sham election. After the election when there were dozens of protests in Russia Putin blaimed paid protesters. Sound familiar. Trump did the same thing at Kavanaugh hearings. Fascism in Russia is based on a mythological pure Russia that is in contrast to what they call the decadent West. Individuality in Russia is subjugated to the leader, Putin. To keep the pure image of Russia they blame foreigners for everything and particularly the US and the EU and have waged cyberwar against the US and the EU countries to protect the purity of Russia. They dare not blame the Chinese which has a large military just south of Russia. It seems about one third of Americans are part of the Trump cult in which he plays the same role as Putin. These American fascist believe in a mythical America that is dominated by whites and that is what they are striving for to make America great again. I would not look back to Germany as much as to look to Russia today to see what the Republicans are up to. Putin’s brutal bombing of Chechnya was part of an orchestrated plan to turn Putin into a heroic figure in Russia. I would be concerned that the US fascists may be planning to use Iran for the purpose of turning Trump into a heroic figure.


This is the link to YouTube videos of the Topography of Terror Documentation Center. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Topography+of+Terror+Documentation+Center

Check out this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr0tXq69gAs

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The Horses already left the barn. It a little late to suggest closing the door.

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I was going to post it on facebook but none of my friends read what I post most of the time. I am a boomer born in 1946, life is not what I expected at this age, however, I have my good health thru good food produced in my garden without chemicals and exercise. I am scared. Winter is coming and I’ve frozen raspberries and made tomato sauce and even froze chopped up zucchini and shredded succhini but it will run out and I will have to spent more for organic non processed foods and wonder if the labels are true.

There is not much anymore that we can trust. I’ ve been an environmentalist since a very young age (with contradictions) but that won’t save me or any of us from devastation from climate change or the earth erupting. I am scared that in another 10/15 years I won’t be able to cope or will loose my home due to devastation and my grown son will have a bleak future.

The democrats did not hold true to their values and went to bed with banksters et al. but I feel fortunate to live in Oregon and have Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to fight for us most of the time.

I will stop whining now and feeling sorry for myself and all of you.


That’s what I told my teenage son when he thought he was being discriminated against and was on the brink of a nationalists. He could not stop diversification, it was already upon us and especially here in Portland Oregon. Look at us now 30 some years later. I can’t believe it.

Oh you are in Portland?
perhaps we could form a common dreams club?

So common on the left to liken every threat to freedom to Hitler’s “Seizure of Power”.

History generally doesn’t repeat itself, although it often rhymes - a rough quote of what Mark Twain said.

How many fascist dictatorships have there been? I count less than a dozen. Only one fascist party from that era still has much of a membership, the Phalangist party of Lebanon.
- How many communist dictatorships have there been? Many more, and those political parties still carry weight and turn out crowds in many countries, despite their record of oppression.

How many ways can a free democracy lose its freedom to a dictatorship? More than one.

What are the chances that Donald Trump will leave office just like every other president has? And that we will still have the same form of government, for good or bad? To be seen, but most people expect the odds are very high.

What is needed is a similar museum of the horrors and unspeakable crimes of the Fourth Reich against humanity. What atrocities Amerika HAS DONE IN OUR NAMES as American citizens… all over the world? And here is what should concern every American: HOW LONG BEFORE WHAT HAS BEEN DONE IN FOREIGN LANDS IN OUR NAMES…COULD BE DONE DOMESTICALLY!

Do not think it can’t happen here! All the fascists have to do is label their domestic enemies as terrorists!


Watcha gonna do when they come for you liberals?

Who would you prefer we vote for, Trump or Obama?

Did I miss something? Is Obama still the president?


I’ve never fired a real gun in my life, but I’m thankful for the Second Amendment. What is depressing/terrifying/sobering/etc. is that conditions in the US have deteriorated to such a point that we have come to a pre-revolutionary, pre-civil war state where I need to seriously consider arming myself.

  1. The American right wing began its planning to take over the Republican Party more than fifty years ago; it realized this goal with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, at which point the political pendulum swung from liberal to conservative and has been moving steadily rightward since then.
  2. With the end of the Cold War, the “enemy” has fully become the domestic enemy, and as the political pendulum has swung steadily rightward, that domestic enemy has expanded in number and definition to include anyone not in TrumPutin’s base.
  3. With the number of guns in the US approaching the number of Americans in the nation, the ownership of those guns is disproportionately (if not overwhelmingly) held by the right-wing base.
  4. Despite the noble (and perhaps pragmatic) calls of those such as Chris Hedges for a mass non-violent resistance, the question to me seems to be, how many are you willing to have slaughtered for this strategy?

I’m not a violence advocate, but I’m not a pacifist either, so this realization is a tough one to face.

One silver lining, if there is one, could be this: If liberals, lefties, progressives et al. do begin to stock up on weapons, wanna bet the right will suddenly be clamoring for stricter gun-control laws?


What you mean-um “IF”, Kemo Sabé?  If that idiot Lindsay Graham wasn’t Howling with the Wolf a couple of weeks ago, what the hell WAS he doing??

The fat-cats and korporations are getting their tax breaks and de-regulation, while the far-right funny-dement­alists who wish to convert Amerika into a “christian” theocracy foolishly believe that their non-existent GAWD (Great All-Wise Doofus) can “use an evil person [such as Tweetle-Dumb] to accomplish great things.”

It’s not just that Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon et al who make big bucks from arms deals and pass a chunk along to the politicians as ‘campaign contributions’ might lose some big bucks, Tweetle-Dumb himself – and his family – have several close financial ties and investments in Saudi Arabia.   This kind of TREASON­OUS Conflict of Interest is EXACTLY what the Emoluments Clause was Intended to PREVENT.

TWEETLE-DUMB should be Impeached, Removed from Office, and the entire Trump Family – except maybe Barron – Should be LOCKED UP!!!


These “but Obama” and “but Clinton” (either one) plaints are getting tiresome. What is worse is that you are essentially endorsing TrumPutin, or at least want to see the disaster play out to justify the “they’re all the same” view you seem to have.

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I agree. Conservatives live in fear.

Do you understand that our actual choices are voting for fascism, not voting (fascists win), voting third party (fascists win) or waiting for a bloody revolution to depose the fascists with the guns that will fill the vacuum while we wait for “independent thought and real resistance”? Have you another alternative?

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