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Dow-Dupont Deal Will Cripple Farmers and Food Sovereignty, Groups Warn



Now this a match made in Hell...two of the world's largest environmentally and ecologically diabolical corporations coming together to unleash even more pain and suffering on farmers, workers, and all life. I guess anti-monopoly laws (Sherman-cum-Clayton Antitrust Act) are not worth the paper on which they are written and megalopolies like this proposed union are allowed to proliferate with the blessings of those put in places to STOP such criminal actions.


With five banks controlling nearly half of all US banking assets, an unending stream of insurance, drug and chemical company mergers, nearly all of the anti-trust progress against monopolies accomplished since the 1890s has been undone.


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Actually, its BOTH.

Capitalism is an economic system and fascism is a form of government.

We have both in the grande size..


This deal was crafted in the power to the tenth degree nether regions of Hell, wtf.
This is a real corporate grab-fest of the first degree, anti trust laws be damned...
This merger/power grab is so effed up on every effing level.
Gawd damn it, it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse...


Interesting to see Hillary's reaction to this.


And the candidates talking about any of this are?
Certainly non of the D's or R's.
Antitrust was a marginal issue for Obama in 2008. Once elected, he did manage to have a senate committee formed to deal with some of it.
And that went where?
Look it up, perform a little research on your own---might prove a bit sobering for some.