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Down-Ballot Wins in Florida, Arizona Show Power of Political Revolution


Down-Ballot Wins in Florida, Arizona Show Power of Political Revolution

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite one high-profile defeat in Florida, the progressive revolution galvanized by Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign scored three state-level victories on Tuesday, in keeping with its stated goals to transform the nation one down-ballot race at a time.


If the Dems can tap into and unify the Hispanic population in Arizona, that Red state will become very Blue indeed!


I'm happy to see some have been helped by his group but I have a hard time getting very excited knowing his focus is just on the democratic party evolution. It will take many many more of these to even make a dent in the corruption of the party. Unlikely they will change in any significant way and especially if Hillary is president.
I am also uncomfortable with the fact that Bernie has rarely talked of foreign policy and when he does it's pretty general, as in the debates. I don't want to do much of anything for him til I see what he does. He's already disappointed his supporters so badly.
I'm a Jill Stein supporter now so I wish him well.


Well, the first three names are running for state senates, it appears, so probably not from them, no.


From the article: "So, even though Our Revolution candidate Tim Canova failed to unseat incumbent U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, there were bright spots in local races on Tuesday.
As Our Revolution president Jeff Weaver said in a fundraising email on Wednesday, "As we move forward into the next chapter of our political revolution, we are going to win some elections, and we are going to lose some elections. But through it all, as Bernie said, our job is to transform the Democratic Party and this country." "

Win a few, lose a few...
That's a rather cavalier response.
So, how do you transform the Democratic Party if you don't get rid of the rot?
One high profile defeat, indeed. The race against Wasserman-Schultz was the most important one to demonstrate the legitimacy of Sanders' further 'revolution'---where was he in Florida when it really mattered?
AWOL, and why? Clinton made it down there to campaign. Barry made it down there to campaign. Bernie was apparently busier with other things like buying a new lakefront cottage. After all of the noise about carrying on the fight, how could he afford not to make an appearance in Florida?
Think that demonstrates a lot about where priorities reside.
What clearer evidence do folks need to see through the bamboozle that is 'Our Revolution' and the ostensible efforts to 'reform' the Democratic Party from within?
Real political transformation is not going to occur from within the duopolistic structure. Time is running out for the planet and we therefore do not have the luxury of wasting any more of it hoping to convince the oligarchs to act differently.


So why did Wasserman Schultz win the primary by only 6 points? She will be gone by 2018. This is not incrementalism, but it's doing what you can. DWS knows full well that her political career is over. She's one of the poorest members of the House, personally. She is defeated, even if she returns to DC.


"So why did Wasserman Schultz win the primary by only 6 points?"

Trying to answer that question is a waste of time because she won convincingly by over 13 points 56.8% to 43.2%. She continues to run strong in her district. I don't see any reason to believe she won't be able to hold her seat in Congress if she wants to keep running. Now that she is no longer DNC chair she probably will not face as much criticism. She appointed Barbara Lee to the platform committee so it sounds like a progressive won anyway, just not the progressive supported by Bernie Sanders.


As painful as this is to type, you are exactly correct. She got pushed, tho, much more than she should have, but it was still a fairly easy win.
Short of jail or a huge die off of the rich snowbird donors she calls family, she'll hold that seat for years to come.


And just think what might have been had Sanders showed up to campaign, she might have been gone in 2016. Please rein in the party apologist polemic crap you seem to specialize in.


this group is poison, it is another Democratic cooptation along the lines of Occupy and the persistent attempts to takeover BLM who have so far proved fairly resistant.
Going with this new project is certain death for the revolution that wasn't. If you want to work for change, make that third party viable. It won't take any longer than trying to reform the Democrats; in fact, it'll probably take less time. Put your energy there instead.


Sorry, I misremembered the numbers. Still, considering who she was politically when Canova filed, holding her to 13 points is pretty significant. And I disagree with @drone1066 that she'll be able to hold that seat. Why would she want to?


My, what an unpleasant looking young man.


Stein is soaring. She's pushing 3%


Tim Canova was the prize. The other three, Bullard in Florida and both, Quezada and Mendez, in Arizona were incumbents. Incumbents have the advantage, so the four races are not equal and thus the credit to Our Revolution is not known.


Her victory was a victory of the snowbirds. Bernie couldn't have a done any more. BTW, no gratitude for the $3 million he raised for this guy not to mention the phone banking.

Winning a few is better than winning none. Do you think this country is going to turn Green in one election cycle? While we build that party, wouldn't you rather have a few progressive wins along the way?


Even a tyrannosaurus started from a humble egg. And the arrogance of you and your party will do little to preserve your power. But by all means enjoy the gloating time while you have it.


I don't understand why this was flagged. This post is perfectly acceptable, even if one doesn't agree with it. Democrats: Defending Free Speech They Agree With! (TM)


Why are so many on this site so rude. I obviously was not referring to Debbie when I mentioned a few progressives winning along the way. But you're right, it wasn't the voters who kept Debbie in office; it was Bernie. How cowardly to blame one man who tried and accomplished so much for our deficiencies.


What's pathetic is insulting people in a comments section. Perhaps you have should have spent your time phone banking or knocking on doors instead. You're clearly not here to educate so in the end you're comments are worthless.


Nope, not Bernie's funds. That's why it's set up as a 501c(4). As of 8/22, Open Secrets shows his campaign with a balance of $5,906,886. He is tightly restricted in how he can use that money.