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Down the Memory Hole: Living in Trump’s United States of Amnesia


Down the Memory Hole: Living in Trump’s United States of Amnesia

Rebecca Gordon

The Trump administration seems intent on tossing recent history down the memory hole. Admittedly, Americans have never been known for their strong grasp of facts about their past. Still, as we struggle to keep up with the constantly shifting explanations and pronouncements of the new administration, it becomes ever harder to remember the events of yesterday, let alone last week, or last month.

The Credibility Swamp


I wonder when we will get Room 101?


In removing climate data Trump took a page out of former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper's book. Apparently one way do deny reality is to destroy evidence of reality. The less information there is about reality the more plausible Trump's fictional world looks. If Trump can destroy enough information there will be no way to prove his world is fictional. It will take the place of reality. At least until even destroying all the information will be overcome by real events that are so powerful and destructive that no politician can hide the truth.


Brava! Our dilemma in a nutshell! The US Amnesia!

It is shameful what Trump and his corrupt administration are getting away with! It seems like such a dreary sin to destroy (remove access to) scientific data. Sordid and contemptuous! Make up your own mind? Weigh both sides? Not under Trump! You hear only one side and aren't allowed to access the other? We are diminished as a country and a people. Expediency rules! The truth is what he says it is and that's that!

However the blame for how big the memory hole has gotten belongs more to our press than you would think at first glance. If our press were actually unfamiliar with dropping facts down the hole then it would be far more difficult for Trump and minions to do so! However, like a evil witch's familiars, our mainstream press fails to warn us when something goes down the hole (curiously ignoring the importance of truthful facts to the press themselves) and they repeat back the excuses offered by the administration for the practice. Much worse than that, the press will then 'shift over' to the alternative facts as offered by the government as if the editing out (down the memory hole) had never happened!

Trump and minions betray us. They deceive and diminish us! But it is our mainstream press that cripples us and maims us by letting Trump's betrayal of truth stand unchallenged and worse, unnoticed!

Brava Ms. Rebecca Gordon - your insightful loyalty to humanity is much appreciated.


The Don is not the first to attempt to engineer his own alternative reality.

Remember Stalin?

He claimed he'd abolished unemployment. True, the stats showed NIL unemployed - reality was he'd simply abolished unemployment benefits and his tame statisticians reported what they were told to.

Rebecca - your piece is really important, congrats!