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Down the Rabbit Hole With Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/04/down-rabbit-hole-donald-trump


"Will we someday wake up, too, and discover that our version of Wonderland, The Donald’s Blunderland, was all a kind of strange dream? Or in our time, in our world, might waking on that riverbank no longer be possible?" (Tom)

Great article Tom - a new perspective ! Maybe a little humor is apropos just now, in this serious time ?


Very good, great mix of literature, irony, truth, and a scathing indictment of a lot of indictable things. One thing a lot of people never bring up is that, despite the on going, 24-7 coverage of trump, at best, he is one boring SOB!!


A 21st version of Grace Slick’s White Rabbit:

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small
The ones the Democrats gave you, didn’t do anything at all.
Go ask Donald who is ten feet tall.

At the bottom of the rabbit hole is neofeudalism where the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.


I missed the very beginnings but the CBC this morning had a show where they interviewed a panel of peoples from the USA on whether or not they supported Trump and whether they would vote for him next election.

I have no idea of how this panel selected but…

The support for Trump was vehement. The people that spoke against him were shouted over and the responses of those supporting Trump were compromised of Jingoism and Soundbites. There was no critical thinking going at all. It was bumper sticker slogans tossed around willy nilly with absolutely no evidence to back it up. They are all on some sort of pill “That makes you dumber”.

It does not look hopeful for the next election if that sampling was in any way an accurate reflection of the voters in the USA.


The primary ingredient for establishing and maintaining a cult has always been many forms of pills that make you dumber.

When they run out of other excuses when you question them, Cult Trump members resort to “Obama was worse”, or “Hillary would be worse”.

Question the sanity of a Cult Trump member’s slogan slurring and they will call you a politically correct elitist, the GOP’s time tested defense of fascism.

Just as vaporware was the only potential product of many of the dot.com stocks that caused the dot.com bust early in the century, Trump and the GOP peddle vaporware as they rapidly tear down everything that was built to benefit the 99% during the past century.


Well, a good article anyway.  But not exactly a new perspective — Tweetle-Dumb has been the butt of a great many comedians’ satires since he descended the golden escalator (a good metaphor for Carroll’s rabbit hole) more than three years ago.

BTW, I have been referring to “our” presidunce as “Tweetle-Dumb” – based on one of Alice’s encounters in Wonderland – for well over three years now.*  How about some credit where credit
is due?

*  Imagine his angry image in Josh Tenniel’s original drawings for Carroll’s book, but with a spinning propeller on the top of his beanie — if that’s not a spitting image of The Donald, what is?  As for the
Red Queen, Krooked Hilliary has had exclusive rights to that role for more than two dozen years.



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Just watched a little Fox —it was Cavuto and he was challenging a republican congressman about the overwhelming evidence against Trump. Then the panel came on and they quickly explained why Trump must be re-elected----It’s all about the MONEY! They were all so happy with how much money was being raised—and it was impeachment and the fear of Warren–that was driving their fundraising. They spoke how wall street loves Trump. And they really implied they do not care what Trump does so long as the money is flowing.

Anyone see what the Fed has been doing ----they have been pumping billions into the banks—there is a liquidity issue but no talks about it???

So the President just committed extortion on a foreign leader and no one cares???

Two clowns who hang out with Trump -Lev and Igor----can’t make this up----talk about Alice in wonderland-----they were busted for funneling Russian money to the republican party-----and we see how this money was used to buy off a republican congressman Sessions who followed through with the pay off???


OK -

I was thinking while reading this article by Tom this am that when you can laugh at yourself, as this article does a little - it means you’re making progress.

Takes the edge off so to speak - and allows new ideas in.


Yes, Donald Trump has changed America and not for the good: It’s hard to believe this was once a democratic republic. How did we become so sadly unrecognizable.?

" T’was brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe ."

Oh right— and soon the JABBERWOCK will be here and his "vorpal blade will go
“snicker snack.” And then—the Cheshire Cat will smile that smile, as sanity once again
comes to the kingdom. : )

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Perfect fairyland for an insensitive bully to spew.

“Now, consider for a moment just how wondrous (in a sense) all this has been.”
What? In what sense could this be wondrous? This is a nightmare, and I cannot wake up from it. People are dying, and the environment is being destroyed.

I guess he is trying to put some humor on things. Sadly for me he is just destroying an old story for me. I have no problem if others liked this article. Just doesn’t do it for me.