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Down to the Wire on Fast Track, Groups Call on Lawmakers: 'Don't Cave'


Down to the Wire on Fast Track, Groups Call on Lawmakers: 'Don't Cave'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


I called my Rep. and I’m glad I did.

Now I’ll wait to see how she votes.


Call anyway.


A Cliff-hanger?

DieBold voting machines?

I have a really bad feeling about this…


I called but my Congresswoman represents the district where The Prez kicked off the big push for this boondoggle. I wonder if he and his family and friends got a lifetime supply of autographed sneakers? Maybe when it’s over and done, we’ll find out free sneakers for a Yes vote was the tipping point for democracy and the end of fair trade. " It’s the end of the world as we know it and my feet feel fine. " s/


Yes, this is so true. I did call, just in case a large enough mass of people might make a difference this time.


Down to the wire: we need to publish the names of all Democrats who voted yes this afternoon.
They betrayed their oaths of office by shredding democracy for their own personal gain and in doing so, sacrificed their own neighbors to the coming destitution and the forces of Satan.

We offer each individual widespread name recognition and personal Karma tailored to their deeds.


There is something we can do. Call a General Strike and do not recognize the authority of any international law that contradicts the US Constitution (The HIGHEST Law in the Land).

Maybe it’s time to start doing the Gandhi thing and spin our own clothes and plant our own food. The Devil with monopolized Globalization. We should all refuse to carry I.D. and smash our government I.D. chips with a hammer.

Peaceful Non-cooperation is the answer. Walk around naked as a show of protest. It worked in India for Mahatma Gandhi. We refuse to wear articles made by non-union slave labor in another country (which puts our people out of work.)