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Downplaying Atrocities? Trump Plan to Close 'War Crimes Office' Sparks Concern


Downplaying Atrocities? Trump Plan to Close 'War Crimes Office' Sparks Concern

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to shut down the U.S.'s office dedicated to advising his department on issues related to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, according to a new report by Foreign Policy.


If the U.S. - the largest purveyor of war crimes and crimes against humanity for decades, would cease, desist and begin to shut down more than 1,000 military facilities abroad - the shutting down of this office would mean something. Until then, it does not.


Clearly warfare is good for business and certainly for Rex (who himself should be a fossil by now and in prison) and his oil industry: Can’t imagine a fighter jet running on solar energy. Time to hit the streets and stay there.


And then there is the “little” matter of the American genocide against the indigenes and the enslavement of the African. These, in my view at least, need priority because until the US acknowledges them we cannot hope for the crimes by the US across our globe to cease.


Absolutely. We have become so conditioned that we forget this obvious point. Thank You for your correction. You are correct that this is where reparations should start. The only debate on the issue of reparations is how much and what forms will they take?


Hey, Tillerson saw Putin’s schema and is now using it as his own with the blessings of the emperor. What a message to send around the world: in the time of war (created at will by US empire), there are no war crimes…no holds barred, as the saying goes…whatever it takes to “win” (whatever that means). Watch out, world…we are marching in, on, around, and through you. Just clean up after we’re done and gone, will ya? Oh, and don’t think you can send your refugees to us…ahhahahhhaha…No effing way, fools (Tillerson)

So much for world diplomacy, cultivating positive international relations, and establishing allegiances around the world. The department of state is now referred to as the department of angst or department of hate. Ugh!

Note the facial expressions of department of state staff in the background…what a sad commentary on the state of affairs at the DoS.


An Open Letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:

Dear Secretary Tillerson,

Do not do this. Do not close the State Department’s War Crimes Office.

Many of the world’s people, including many of us, already know about our nation’s many fine features as well as its many less fine features.

They know us as a nation that not only disrespected but also nearly eliminated its native peoples; imported, used and abused the bodies and labor of other countries’ people as though they were prisoners of war captured by primitive barbarians – and has still not compensated them in any way; directly and indirectly killed approximately 200,000 Filipino civilians; was the first nation to use nuclear bombs; dropped six hundred thousand tons of explosives, including thirty thousand tons of napalm, during the Korean War; carpet bombed and used napalm against the Vietnamese, killing millions, soldiers and civilians alike; waged “secret” wars against Laos and Cambodia; intervened in Central American countries’ affairs, exacerbating internal strife; is the world’s largest arms dealer; has refused to sign the land mine convention; has refused to meet its obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation agreement; used depleted uranium on Iraqis; tortured and is indefinitely imprisoning without charge human beings captured in the “war on terrorism;” and strikes presumed terrorists and those nearby with drones in countries both envisioned and never envisioned by the US Congress.

I’m asking you not to prove that while the US may occasionally address the war crimes of others, it no longer has any intention of holding itself to any humane standards of war, as if such could exist. A former Vietnamese soldier has said that only those who have not fought in wars ask who won and who lost; those who have fought know war is only destruction.

Many of my fellow citizens and I would prefer the US return to the stance I believe it may have held now and then in our past, one in which the Department of Defense was actually engaged in defense, defense of our own, physical land; when we lead by example; and, when able, we helped people on the ground in nations in crisis. I’m afraid I’m no longer able to imagine the relief, no, the joy I would feel if I could think of my country in this way.

However, if you feel you must close the Office of War Crimes, let’s also now end all pretense that our nation is a force for justice, peace and human rights, and let’s officially declare ourselves the world’s somewhat unevenly malevolent hegemon. Apparently that will work for some. It does not work for me. Ending our hypocrisy, however, would at least make us honest.


Celine Grenier
Capitola, CA



I misunderstood the role of the War Crimes Office. It concerns itself with war crimes by other nations as well as by ours. I guess my comment regarding ending hypocrisy still works: showing we don’t care internationally (except when politically expedient) or domestically shows our real face.



What a hateful creep.The orange idiot hates and destroys all that is good and righteous. If I didn’t know better, I would swear he was Damien from the Omen movies.