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'Downright Criminal': Leaked Emails Reveal Effort by Trump Aides to Censor and Alter CDC Covid Reports Behind Closed Doors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/12/downright-criminal-leaked-emails-reveal-effort-trump-aides-censor-and-alter-cdc


This is criminal, a crime against humanity itself. I don’t really believe in capital punishment but here I think public execution is too easy for them. Caputo and Dr. Alexander (doctor, my god what kind of doctor outside Mengele himself could this be?) should both be prosecuted for depraved indifference (at least) with the death penalty on the table, immediate.

(Note on Alexander, quote from Politico article: "Alexander, an assistant professor of health research at Toronto's McMaster University whom Caputo recruited this spring to be his scientific adviser, added that CDC needed to allow him to make line edits — and demanded an "immediate stop" to the reports in the meantime.")
The disruption and pain and needless dispute over crowds, masks, tracing, supplies, work-place hazard and terror for many at risk or with families at risk. All without reliable numbers to guide the thousands and hundreds of thousands of smaller decision makers as well as the millions of single person and family decisions about just how to handle each day's work and shopping and interactions. All corrupted by Caputo and Alexander and Alex Azar and numerous others, who really need to be in irons in a new, medical Nuremburg court. Nothing less. These people cost us tens of thousands of lives, hundreds of thousands of serious sicknesses and massive individual personal life disruptions, well beyond what the virus itself could cause if fully, and honestly, addressed.

NO … MFER, the CDC does not ‘work’ for Trump. The CDC works for US.

Paraphrasing Caputo: Trump can kill you to advance his re-election campaign and we are here to assist with your death.

NAZI camp guards were hung for a lot less.


So, one of the turds referenced in this article, Paul Alexander, can be reached at alexap@mcmaster.ca, in case anyone wants to offer him some words of advice. I guess McMaster University must be a pretty shitty school if this guy is a professor there, eh?


“Dr.” Paul Alexander must be from the Josef Mengele Division of Public Health at McMaster University. The “doctor” will see you now.


And it’s all about to get a whole lot WORSE. We’re just back from NY’s Zabar’s & everybody’s precious denial deepens? Without actual journalism, any unbiased media coverage of frontline physicians imput, or venues for whistleblowers: we’re just shuffling dazed and distracted, into COVID 2.0?






Caputo needs to be “kaput.”


S Gupta showed this graph again last night (hasn’t used it in many months) and emphasized that this is what’s coming - in a discussion about the new estimate of 400,000+ dead by December



If you want to see how this is working, read Winston Smith’s reflections on the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984, where Instructions were received by Minitrue workers to rewrite articles, etc., that were not “accurate.” They would rewrite the material to reflect what BB had said or predicted, then the original article or articles were put into the “Memory Holes” and new versions were inserted in their place.
Remember, "Big Brother is always right."
We elders remember what we experienced, and what was recorded. Those of you born in the 90s or in the 21st century have no idea what has happened and is happening, other than what the “Ministry of Truth” tells you after they have received their instructions from Big Brother and his minions, and "corrected" the records to ensure that "Big Brother is always right."


We all face challenges in our work place but I still don’t understand why the scientist at the CDC don’t go public when political appointees try to interfere with the science. If my company’s policies were risking the lives of literally millions of people I’d like to think I would speak up


My Bavarian refugee grandfather had just returned from WWI service in Mexico when he’d been infected in the 2nd wave. Pittsburgh’s isolated Chinese community had been devastated by the first, but the second was “bring out your dead,” BAD; what with whole schools, congregations, mills, ethnic organizations ignoring unenforceable sanity? And the poisoned air, water, food (ridiculous diet, no Vitamin D, rank superstition over viral propagation, our stupendous racism, class division where medical professionals split for the hills, spreading infection) were all problems. But no firestorms, hurricanes, Nazi Gangster president, millions of homeless. Under Wilson, I’m pretty sure cops could just up and murder Blacks, and the Klan was just creeping north. Anti-semitism, ethnic animosity and income disparity were kinda different? Cytokine storm killed lots of young, fit veterans (as did our medical systems). I’m guessing, all we’ve learned in NYC is how to hide the mass graves from drones, the freezer trucks full of corpses, all called for “cardiac arrest,” stroke, kidney failure or “flu-like pneumonia?” How to keep physicians & first responders from streaming us all the horrible TRUTH?

Don’t fret… dear ol’ Joe sho’nuff gonna SAVE our asses!






I was shocked, in browsing through the charts of various countries yesterday, to notice that Spain, France, and UK appear to be entering massive resurgences – new highs or incipient new highs in the running average of new cases. This is a very tough, persistent bug.


Right wing newspapers are now claiming that the virus “fizzles out just as Trump predicted” this based upon the drop in numbers of new cases per day as per these new “massaged” reports.


All SARS CoV-2 knows how to do is replicate. The more we are fed TO it by the people who make our decisions FOR us: the more homes to flip; surprise, ruinous out-of-network ER, ICU & Mortuary bills to indenture the survivors; many now chronically ill, exposed to burning homes, toxic waste dumps, drinking poisoned water and soon, living on the street, hassled by cranked-up MAGA cops & Nazi thugs? The Idea that rushed vaccines help this virus mutate ever more virulent endemic strains is just icing on the cake, huh?

First, they came for the journalists. We don’t KNOW what happened after th…


I’m sure it’s so, in their “entitled delusional world.”

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We ought to have a Truth In Government law, that makes it a felony to knowingly lie to the American public.

These people are not people. They are lizard people, acting on orders of their Ids, and the Orange Id in the Oval Office.


The Orange Id is an idiot who is being manipulated.

From below.

Most don’t believe in a Devil.

After the last 4 years, I bet more are beginning to.


[E]nsure it is fair and balanced and ‘complete.’

In other words from the land of sociopaths: Create a muddle of “facts” so no one believes the science, by sowing as much confusion as possible.


Someone needs to put in a call to the “Pied Piper.”
We need to run the rats out of town.


Redfield failed to bring the CDC under Trump’s thumb so Dear Leader sent Caputo in with his lapdog “expert” (surprise kids, even partisans graduate from prestigious universities) to take over.