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'Downright Criminal': Leaked Emails Reveal Effort by Trump Aides to Censor and Alter CDC Covid Reports Behind Closed Doors

At least there will be Twinkies. They are the only other thing to survive nuclear war.

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It’s just been revealed that Caputo has deep ties to Russia. He lived in Russia for 6 years and helped Putin with PR. Also that FBI agent that got fired for Trump texts says Russia has leverage over Trump. But Russia gate is a hoax? I don’t think so.

All these people need to be charged with if not negligent homicide, manslaughter. I vote for the former.

Hi minitrue:
Maybe i should have said that the DREAM of an America is too young to die : )
And when I lived in L.A. whoa! Those wood roaches were huge, and I hear cockroaches fly in Hawaii!
So—if the US military and the corporations kill life on the planet ( at least human life,) maybe the creatures will recover if the homo sapiens are gone. Remember, when China stopped the cars for the Olympics—blue skies returned… too bad they didn’t stay blue though. Maybe humans are the real cockroaches and Gaia can hardly wait for them to be gone.

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Rachel Maddow revealed last night that they took away the mask Recommendation!!! Criminal

Here’s what I think. In order to stop the election he’s going to enact martial law or something along those lines using the covid crisis as the excuse. Rachel Maddow estimated last night on a good day Trump’s plans for Herd immunity will kill between 2 and 6 million people.

I’m just expecting another Black Op followed by an attack on another country, probably one who cannot harm us, and a lot of fascist propaganda to con us into following our criminal government into another siege of slaughter and profits for the Biguns, and more restrictions and privation for We the People. But, we just watch the Kabuki and never seem to learn.