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'Downright Dangerous': Trump Moves to End Federal Support for Testing Sites as US Sees Record Daily Spike in Covid-19 Infections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/downright-dangerous-trump-moves-end-federal-support-testing-sites-us-sees-record


I read at the Guardian today NY is implementing quarantine for some states. I wonder how that works.

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Young people are the spreaders now, many asymptomatic and unaware that they’re infected.

If you’re over age of 65, shelter in place as much as possible.
Those grandkids who like to hit the bars – don’t have them over for a visit.
That trip to church – skip it for now.

Here’s a bar story from MI that’ll only get worse:



It’s relatively easy at airports, sea ports, or the border with Canada. The state can designate certain states or nations as being Covid active and designate that everyone getting off of an airplane that came from an infected area be quarantined for two weeks (or more). The same can be done with cruise ships or drivers coming back over the border (although Canada currently has much more restrictive travel Polices than we do)
That being said, anyone driving a vehicle from an infected state (say Flori-duh, or Texas) pretty much has carte blanch as we still have free travel from state to state on every roadway.
I can’t say as I had much faith that Americans would by in large do the right thing when dealing with a pandemic. That Horatio Alger rugged individualism bullshit is engrained in the DNA of far too many dim Americans. That fact, and the fact that we have already had one summer holiday on Memorial Day, and soon face another on July 4th, have caused a second peak far sooner than I, or many others, anticipated.
This will not end well.


We have Roscoe the bedbug-sniffing wonder dog, checking cars coming through the tunnels & off the bridges; for grits, crank, snuff & gun-oil? We’d just both got a “Negative” on purported Abbott Architect IgG immunosurveys, drawn just yesterday. As warned by ALL our medical practitioners and friends (following a “mild” three week COVID-19 interlude, late March). We’d switched to more breathable KF-94 nano masks, but still avoid subways, busses, livery cars; and I’d marked a shitload of domestic equities to sell themselves off… in just about an hour from now (even shorting some obvious ones) while waiting for the market to plummet yet again, before buying more Asian stocks? Sambuchus nigra (Quercetin) zinc, Resveratrol (Vitamin D is free, just now!)






Thankyou for your replies. Here in Spain we were going to implement quarantine for visitors but that is scrapped now. However there are strict rules and regulations for bars, discos, etc. It will be interesting to see what happens next.



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And of course Europe will probably ban visitors from USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia:



Texas and Florida plates – and many others – around Michigan resort towns all summer.

We had this thing under control here, but that’s going be short-lived. Damn.


What country in their “right mind” would accept travelers from the united states right now??

I sure as shit wouldn’t.


The honor system…

trump got his wall


If we listen to Trump he’ll kill us all and enjoy doing it. Use common sense, listen to the experts and do everything you can to protect yourself and others.


I’ve long thought malevolence is behind the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, and cutting back testing during this surge
reinforces that belief. Actually there is a term for this action: criminal
negligence. As an example, if an employer knowingly put workers in
a dangerous situation without taking measures to protect their health or safety and an employee was injured or killed there would potentially be criminal charges. There are some similarities between a case like that and Trump’s action, however there is one great difference. While
a negligent employer’s actions would affect a small subset of the population, the actions (or inactions) of the Trump administration affect
the whole of society.


This is why I think most will be trapped here in the collapsing u.s.

The ramifications of how the u.s. dealt with covid ( as well as health/sick care, AGW etc.) will not go away no matter who becomes (can’t bring myself to say “elected”) president this November.

People like Morris Berman have been ranting about getting out of the u.s. while you still can for decades. It should be noted that my mention of his name does not mean I admire Morris Berman.

I just hope that there will be no exceptions for the billionaires who have their escape bunkers and estates in other countries like New Zealand.

I’ve mentioned before that Chris Hedges has laughingly stated he is relieved to have a wife with citizenship in 2 other countries-------this fact was nicely sandwiched in a recent interview with his prediction of “revolution or tyranny” which felt like kind of a punch to the gut for those of us stuck here with the current tyranny and wondering (with dread) what “revolution” will look like.


Bravo! Bingo… EUREKA! Back, when it was mostly “inbred, cranked-up, wetbrained tea-baggers,” exhibiting delusional denial, projecting paranoid psychoses, etc; we’d joked about stocking the (now tropical) Ohio & Potomac with piranhas & simply letting their Interstate bridges all collapse, to recycle into nuclear-powered bug-zappers… so neoConfederates could enjoy the fruits of their climate-denial/ Dominionist succession fetishes. And we could get back to drug-addled miscegenating, real ale, coffee, gelato & fulfilling Murika’s potential for actual social mobility, democracy n’ freedum?



~https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8457009/Texas-verge-Covid-crisis-Houstons-largest-hospitals-ICU-97-full.html (even Daily Mail thinks we’re pathetic?)

~https://www.cjr.org/the_media_today/coronavirus_coverage_trump_testing.php (speaking of which)

Team Trump has only four months to transition these testing sites into vaccination sites that will open with fanfare in October, offering free vaccinations to anybody who wants one. By the time the headlines on November 5 read VACCINATION INEFFECTIVE Trump will have been re-elected, lauded for the fastest vaccine development in history.


So, whose “side” is he on? Certainly this serves Putin’s agenda.

bars turning into major villains in this story. there was the florida bar where literally everyone who went left with the bug. all of them.


maybe they should’ve kept smoking legal in bars. :))

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Our neighbors just to the south of us, West Virginia, are now seeing outbreaks in their relatively back woods, underdeveloped state. Having done business in WVA for a few years I can tell you that many of them load up the trucks every summer and head for Myrtle beach, especially for Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July. They appear to have brought the plague back with them.
But that’s OK. Gov. Jim Justice is on the case! Oh no, he won’t order anything closed, or for anyone to wear a mask. He simply put everyone on the honor system.
Yeah, that’ll stop it.