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'Downright Unconstitutional': Gorsuch Slammed for Headlining Event at Trump Hotel


'Downright Unconstitutional': Gorsuch Slammed for Headlining Event at Trump Hotel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what critics are calling a blatant violation of "basic ethical principles about conflicts of interest," Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has reportedly agreed to headline the "Defending Freedom Luncheon" next month at the Trump International Hotel, which is the


So I guess he’ll have to recuse himself from all cases regarding djt’s ethics or the hotel. Or face impeachment himself.


Well now we have two impeachments to fight for critical to the survival of our free republic!

The ginger chimp (for now) owns the WH, most of Congress, and now clearly the SCOTUS is compromised by partisan politics - the threat is real…all cases of import will reach this right-wing corrupted political court…so much for any respect for the law…


I certainly hope he will recuse himself, bks, though if he didn’t and were impeached, that would be even better. We don’t need a Trump-lover on the Supreme Court.


NEWS FLASH! This just in - Bannon banished!

“Steve Bannon is out as White House chief strategist, a source has told the Guardian, ending his highly contentious career at the center of the Trump administration.”

"A Trump ally told the Guardian that the leaks about Bannon’s fate were part of an effort to pressure the White House aide to step down. “They are trying to get him to quit,” the source said.

Minutes later, the Guardian learned that Bannon was out."

Multiple news reports confirmed his departure, attributing the information to senior administration sources."


Gorsuch is living up to every negative characterization that has been circulated about him. The man is a dysfunctional muddle-headed boob, and the Senate should be ashamed for having given him the go-ahead.


Well, what did you expect. Gorsuch was pretty well identified as a racist with little respect for the people, but apparently a devout follower of the creature that got him in.
Hitler is reputed to have said, “To truly control a country, you must first control the courts. Then whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.”
*Gorsuch’s appointment gave the court to the Nazis that are in charge, 5-4. We’ve already seen some of the outrageous verdicts of the court.
*As I mentioned on another post, when the orange turd is finally gone, all of the tweeted executive orders destroying the functions of government (those that were disputed by Wall Street) should be erased. All of his fascist appointments should be cancelled. Otherwise we will be living with the madman’s legacy for decades, perhaps generations and the Oilagarchy will laugh all the way to the bank.
*We the People will just suffer and starve, watching whatever little freedoms and rights we have left taken away by the representatives of the Oilagarchy.
*That’s a lousy way to go.


Time for the Supreme Court to be renamed, the Extreme Court.


The only SCOTUS justice to have been impeached was Samuel Chase in 1805 but the Senate voted to acquit him of all charges. We are likely to be stuck with Gorsuch forever. Lets hope there are no more vacancies on the court.


Lets be real, Trump nor Gorsuch will be impeached, not with our present congress. Is it possible for the other justices to censure Gorsuch?


More Trump lies, Bannon wasn’t removed, he resigned. Submitted his letter for Aug. 14.


Impeachment? I’ll furnish the rotten peaches. Maybe have one of the Trumpet’s head in a halter bullseye target, and when you hit him the other won goes down a long slide into a pool of rotten peach juice. Donations accepted for each splatting and dunking with all proceeds going to Heather, the one that was killed when that car slammed into a group of anti racist protesters. I am hoping for a mega article detailing all of the ways that Trump Inc. is profiting from most everything he does in office. It seems as though we elected a sociopath con artist instead of anyone that could be “presidential.”


How it is done:



With both houses under a Tea Party GOP it will be unlikely.


Heather Heyer is dead. I’m concerned about the medical and rehab expenses of those injured in the attack.

But let’s get back on topic.


I’m seeing reports that Kelly made the decision. Just because he submitted a resignation doesn’t mean it was entirely his choice.

But let’s get back to this topic.


When given a choice between being fired or resigning, it is better to resign. Bannon was given the choice.


So many fascist, right-wing trolls, so little truth…or common sense, decency and concern for the common good…


couldn’t agree more. interesting on the day bannon exits stage left neil (another bobby and Rachel mercer appointee) gets slammed for this gross error in judgement. but, you are right. when the dust settles and trump is gone we are left with the destruction in the wake of his every action while playing a president on tv.
given the shroud of corruption over the 2016 election wouldn’t it be nice to have a recall election. maybe even let Bernie have a chance (an opportunity lost perhaps forever).


And the world now wants to know, Mr. Gorsuch, do you spit or swallow?