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Dozens Arrested as Over 1,000 Jewish Activists Shut Down Entrances to ICE Headquarters Demanding Closure of Trump Detention Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/17/dozens-arrested-over-1000-jewish-activists-shut-down-entrances-ice-headquarters


Good on them! They remind me why I always need to keep my thoughts on Judaism separate from my thoughts on Zionism. Peace to ALL (except the opponents of Peace)!


Dear CD - PLEASE address the terminology of “Protester” used in the context of “everyday people” who assert united presence across the spectrum of our diversity in support of the letter and intent of our Constitution, the failure of politicians to accurately represent the majority will of the people of the US to function as a respectable participant WITH the rest of the world.

These activities that assert the principles uniting us are of much greater depth than a “protest”.

How in heavens name can people see Pence IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP and pretend that “never again is now” does not apply to what is being done in our name?


Thank you for making that point!! To re-coin Mark Twain’s admonition - hope it is reiterated early and often.
Wiki on zionism

Noting the history of zionism, one must pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the stoking of false accusations of anti-semitism being flung about in the political sphere which are then used by the insidious likes of Netanyahu and his US counterparts to rationalize ongoing over-the-top violence by zionist forces. The epitomization being the genocide of the Palestinian people.


Love and Light to these gorgeous people! What we need to be doing is freeing one another and denying our seeming separateness. We do this by hating the lies that would keep each other at one another’s throats.

Next up: One State for both Jews and Palestinians. May it become so.


This is the best news I have heard in a very long time. It keeps hopes and dreams alive. Thank you all for taking this big step in calling out ICE!


"It’s not just symbolic—we’re actually shutting down ICE," and all the Federal workers who are being screwed by this tyrant occupying the WH, all the youth saddled with astronomical debt, all those who are denied health care for lack of money, the homeless for lack of either or both mental health care and affordable housing, for every one who gives a damn for the earth we band together to stop this Death Machine, this culture of death.


Just clicked CNN, this news story isn’t even there … this morning on the news did hear about “the squad” supposed anti-Semetic attitudes which are the reason Republicans agree with Trump’s vile comments. Nothing even has a chance to change in America if the average working everyday American is constantly kept in ignorance of real people’s protests and other truths. Prejudice is ignorance which is now rampant in the United States.


I will wait on that until they shut down the Israeli embassy.


"Power To The People."

Drive out the Stormtroopers!

Incarcerate the Fascists, Free the Freedom Seekers.


Fascism bears no resemblance to freedom. Child abuse bears no resemblance to homeland security. Why do you think you can scare us away by screaming “Communism?” Why does Freedom™ require unquestioned obedience?


hope and faith is what you need when there isn’t any reality to fall back on.


From the following article:
‘The president of the United States, speaking for significant sections of the ruling class, has declared that anyone opposing the foreign and domestic policy of the ruling class should be subject to prosecution, deportation or physical violence.’


“L’etat c’est moi!”
–some dead French king or other


Good point - I’d expand on that. In spite of the hate filled distortions, there remain the principles and ways and means that are being subjected to willful distortion. That is to say, ALL of the peoples being subjected to what western predatory capitalism is doing, have in their heritage, entire wisdom traditions that share a common ground of principles. My faith and hope are not just grounded in a collection of books which I can reference to support them, but they also enable me to tighten my belt, counter the lies and be renewed by so doing. In community these principles strengthen exponentially. TPTB seem to be trying to undermine that threat to their hegemony. The “squad” has done o good job of providing an example of this.

One of the insidious tactics seems to have taken the old admonition “the devil is in the details” and some cartoon light bulb went off in the demonic mind of the junkyard dogs known as PR and media share workers… and said, hey, lets just swamp the world with bullshit and call it information - that is to say, take the admonition and make it an actual demonic force to overwhelm in ‘full spectrum dominance’. I relish this combat.



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help me out. i am not smart enough to know the difference between Judaism and Zionism. please explain where they diverge.

From the People Who Know…

The Concentration Camps have got to Go

So does ICE or should I say Gestapo.


Louis XIV, also known as France’s ‘absolute monarch’.
Donald T. also known as the US’s absolute fascist.


Judaism is quite pluralistic, far too much so for me to understand or detail. Zionism is the “This Land Is Mine” philosophy, the history of which is revealed by the following video: