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Dozens Arrested for Demanding Food Justice at Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Friday Protest in DC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/29/dozens-arrested-demanding-food-justice-jane-fondas-fire-drill-friday-protest-dc


Thank you–Jane.


Dust bowls are delicate things. They can be exacerbated because of the pressure on farmers for short term profits, and they can also be exacerbated because of greenhouse gas levels in the planet’s atmosphere.

We’re seeing millions of refugees in part because they can’t grow food back home. How much is regional environmental degradation and how much is climate change?

What will we do if/when there are few places on the planet where good harvests will still be common?


“What will we do if/when there are few places on the planet where good harvests will still be common?”

Some might suggest this as inevitable. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for all those who have access to land suitable for gardening, even if that land is just part of their building lot, to learn how to grow their own vegetables. Readily offered tree leaves make excellent fertilizer. And planting and weeding are great stretch exercise. The feeling one might get from being food self reliant are probably beneficial for a person’s mental health as well.


Hi PaulK:
I’m not sure what people will eat. Some places in France are already growing rooftop gardens on apt buildings. I suppose those with basements can have basement gardens with the special light bulbs used for growing plants. Those with yards can try to hide what they are growing, because food theft will be high.
Maybe they will have to take all the prisoners out of jails and use those spaces for plant growing. I suppose people will take over parks too and leave armed sentries to guard that group food.
Although the worst case scenario will probably be turning a lot of us into serfs and having us hand pollinate everything as all the bees will probably be gone by then. It will be an awful time for almost all humans, as see how horribly immigrants running form killers in their own land----and end up face to face with ICE in America. If people haven’t thought about it before, this would be a good time to learn about your own neighborhoods. There is still time to turn this around, but it is a common human failing to always think the bad stuff happened to other people. HA! Read World history. : (


Factory Farming of Animals is destroying our Health and Destroying the Planet.

Go Vegan for a Healthier Body a Healthier Planet and for the Health of the Animals we Torture and Slaughter for Food.


Jane Fonda, a true justice warrior soon to be 82 years old … still leading the fight for mercy and justice. Love you girl.


Most of us are not going vegan anytime soon. But the factory farms are an abomination. Where I live, grass fed beef is a thing. People run their cattle on rotating pastures, not letting any pasture get overgrazed. Grass is about the only crop that will grow around here - very rocky. Pastured animals pretty much live normally for cows. The calves are left with their mothers, and they can do cow things. Feed lots are disgusting. Chicken farms are disgusting, too. We have a lot of those.


Say what you will about Jane from the Vietnam era, she’s definitely moved on from there and is looking forward to being a voice for future generations.

I applaud you Ms. Fonda.


Ditto and add…
On December 26 the Teach In speaker is Diana Ruiz of Greenpeace and the topic is forest destruction by interests such as transnational use of palm oil etc.

Heres a piece posted by Mongabay and evidence provided in 2018 by Ruiz and Greenpeace. The politicians on the ground really need to feel international grassroots pressure before the lungs are decimated - folks will undoubedly recall this:
# Palm oil supplier to food giants clears forest, peatland in Indonesia, Greenpeace says

Video Evidence

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Factory farming is an abomination. That vegan is healthier is debatable. One study done showed that 92% of vegans (and 77% of vegetarians) were B12 deficient, as compared to 11% of omnivores. B12 deficiency can lead to some very serious long-term health issues, including neurological damage. Moreover, pasture-raised cattle operations that sell locally can be carbon-neutral.

In case you hadn’t heard


Our Food is Half as Nutritious as it was 100 Years Ago Eating healthy foods is more difficult than everbecause, according to a study at the University of Colorado, our food is about half as nutritiousas it was 100 years ago. Since the early 1900s, the nutrient density of our food has declinedapproximately 40-60%, the study says. So compared to the food that our great grandparents ate,our food is lacking many of the vitally important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants andphytochemicals that are necessary for good health.Our great grandparents ate an average of 131 pounds of homegrown vegetables every yearcompared to only 11 pounds that the average person eats today. One recent study showed thatonly 11% of Americans eats 2 fruits and 3 vegetables every day. When you combine the reducedconsumption with the nutrient-poor content in fresh produce, it leaves the door open for potentialhealth problems, especially when you consider the cumulative effect over a lifetime.USDA figures corroborate the decline in mineral and vitamin content of fruits and vegetablesbetween 1963 and 1992 as follows:Mineral Decline (Average %)Magnesium -21.08Calcium -29.82Iron -32.00Phosphorus -11.09Potassium -6.48And, the decline is continuing. In 2000, Organic Magazine compared nutrient values of foodslisted by the USDA in 2000 with those listed in 1963. Vitamin A in some vegetables such ascarrots seemed to have actually increased, along with some minerals. But nearly all other fruits…


As a Viet vet I can say that I believe that what she did that got her into such hot water was an honest attempt by her to push for peace; however, the optics of that attempt did not look good and that caused her all that undeserved anger from many other vets. ROCK ON, JANE!


Strange reporting. Where and why were arrests made and who was arrested? I would think that info regarding our police state actions would be included.


The optics seldom look good when people step out beyond the norm, as she has frequently done her whole life. She deserves a life time award of some kind, but the Vietnam visit was unfortunate as was Kent State, the Madison Wis. bombing death and others.

Barbarella was played last night and I watched after I discovered half way through.
Always supported her while others gave her the traitor treatment. Damn, she was hot.


Bummer! You missed the “Space Striptease”! (-:

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The age old standard is that people are born liberal and become right-wingers when they get old enough to change to greedy people.
Jane has not changed since I attended her FTA rally in Washington state outside of Ft. Lewis. in 1971.
Still educating and protesting.


I totally agree but, really, what would it change in this Fascist-like state?

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I know, and am still remiss.

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Jane Fonda was a Hillary supporter, over Bernie, in 2016. What a hypocrite after all of her early antiwar activism and her current fight against fossil fuels, that she would advocate for the destroyer of Libya and the Queen of Fracking!