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Dozens of Aid Groups Say UN Relief Effort Being 'Manipulated' by Syrian Government


Dozens of Aid Groups Say UN Relief Effort Being 'Manipulated' by Syrian Government

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

More than 70 humanitarian organizations working on the ground in embattled Syria announced Thursday that they are withdrawing from the United Nations (UN) aid information-sharing program because, they say, the global organization's relief efforts are being controlled and "manipulated" by the Syrian government.


Pray tell what country/nation has NOT manipulated UN Relief efforts or US foreign aid or NGO contributions? What nation does not have the right to have a say in directing relief efforts, especially in the blighted, bomb-cratered, war-torn, tribal-battled Middle East?


These are propaganda tools and the NGO's are compromised by bias. Like leeches feeding off sponsorship and donors who hate the idea of a Syrian government under Assad, they protest against the UN and the Syrian Government. Why don't they protest against the USA, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as they work mostly in rebel held areas? Rebel held areas? The well armed terrorists hold these areas and these NGO's need their help too.

NGO has as bad a name as Charity has? Its simply another form of corruption with all too rare exceptions.. They work through or together with the UN in particular but unfortunately just like that organisation has become compromised and corrupted, so too have untold numbers of so called NGO's. They are like the Human Rights organisations or the Freedom and Democracy organisations, Free Trade agreements and the Charitable Foundations like the Clinton's baby!

And as always there are a small number of genuine organisations whose members God Rest them, do give their lives for love of their neighbour. But the multitudinous nature of all these easily founded NGO's following Empire's wars, means that to extract any genuine NGO, Charity or neutral agency becomes well nigh and impossibly? To the uninitiated most of them are fraudulent and corrupt, unfit for purpose and dealers in deceit for power, greed and money. In the foreign mercenary war against the Syrian Government and its people, who are fighting an existential battle to free their land of armed terrorists who also happen to be holding large numbers of their fellow Syrian's minority groupings and indeed many of the Sunni Syrian population hostage, what do we find here in this article? We find an utterly biased appeal to western audiences from signed NGO's that are not verifiably recognised as from any minorities in Syria but only those representative of Sunni or Qatari sponsored agencies and western intelligence. How distorted and corrupt can one get? Its like its an intelligence project; foreign intelligence that is, naturally. It's called PR. Its full of holes and riddled with propaganda in an all too obvious agenda. The pdf to the UN is fit for the bin..


Common Dreams has a decidedly anti-Assad bias. Wonder what there position on Libya was as NATO was bombing it to smithereens.