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Dr. King and The Ram


Dr. King and The Ram

Laura Flanders

Super Bowl 2018 drew the smallest audience of any national championship game since 2009 but that didn’t quell the ruckus stoked by one of the mid-game ads. Listen carefully and there it was: Dr. Martin Luther King, pitching for trucks by RAM.


somehow i would think this should be against the rules.


A lot of what our media and those funding them should be against the rules. This ad is just a new low in how U.S. culture has been trying to whitewash MLK’s messages and accomplishments. What is ironic is that in the very same speech that they took the clip from, MLK actually railed against rampart consumerism.


Did the King family approve of this? I’m no lawyer, so does the family have any say in the matter since it was a public speech?


My hope is that this arrogant action come back to bite the company in the ass.
(:flushed: One can hope?)


“King’s daughter, Bernice King, clarified on Twitter that the family and its organization, the King Center, did not approve of the use of the speech for the ad; the King Estate, which licenses King’s intellectual property, had given the ad agency behind the commercial permission to use the excerpt.”


Yes, a total insult! Why haven’t we heard any criticism from the King family.

What’s next for next years super bowl? Maybe one of the car companies could figure out a way to insert the sermon on the mount for an advertisement!


The House of Cards; this casino built up (again) on consumer debt; this Paper Prosperity of a grossly overvalued stock market; will come tumbling down in the near future; worse than 2008; there’s no “there” there.