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Dr. King Would Want Us to Fight for Medicare For All

Dr. King Would Want Us to Fight for Medicare For All

Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram

Despite vehement opposition from the American Medical Association, Medicare and Medicaid were passed into law in 1965. Importantly, the federal government required participating hospitals to comply with the non-discrimination rules of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


I am pretty sure Dr King would still be advocating for the destruction of capitalism, including such band aids as “medicare”, in favor of a socialistic (also known as civilized) system which would include free healthcare for all.

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Medicare for all is publicly funded health insurance for every person in the united states.

I was asked how I feel when I entered the airport in Cuba to attend a world-wide ferrocement meeting. From that moment I was covered by the Cuban version of medicare for all simply because I was in Cuba.

I was entering a country with life-span equal to the united states and where old people live better than in the US because they have had lifetime free health care insurance. Every farmer knows what Cubans know; the farm will not prosper if only half the field is cared for. Of course Martin Luther King would see that if he were still with us today.