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Dr. Leslie T. Fenwick for Secretary of Education

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/22/dr-leslie-t-fenwick-secretary-education

The downfall in public education inflected fast as US News & World Report established its rankings for universities in 1983. Decisions were left to spreadsheets with targets ever evolving from one year to year. This idiocy propagated downward into K-12 system and we have been saddled with MBA-mindsets thinking they know something about education. The don’t.


“MBA-mindsets” DO know a lot about and have been very successful turning education into new profit centers for corporations.

Lets hope Biden’s DOJ indicts Betsy Devious on January 21 so she can get the career change she deserves…working in a license plate factory.


“Dr. Fenwick…knows that [schools] are community institutions which belong to the public, not to entrepreneurs or corporations”. Which is why she won’t get the appointment.


Well Biden put a thumb in your eye Diane. So let me ask you a question. When you were trashing, in very insulting terms, Bernie and his supporters, did you really think Biden was going to appoint someone like Fenwick, or Weingarten, or Eskelsen García? I guess as an ex-Republican it’s probably difficult for you to support someone who labels himself a socialist, but might that not be the right thing to do from a pragmatic, public education supporting point of view?

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Biden chose Connecticut Schools commissioner Miguel Cardona, to become Education Secretary:

Biden’s decision drew praise from public school advocates and the nation’s major teachers unions. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, called Cardona a “trusted partner” who will reverse four years of “disaster” under DeVos.

“His deep respect for educators and their unions will travel with him to Washington — and that commitment to collaboration is crucial to providing the resources and social and emotional supports to safely reopen schools,” Weingarten said.


Every reason you chose Dr. Fenwick is precisely why Biden will not choose her. He is an evil corporate sentinel who has no interest in selecting the right people to his cabinet other than enriching the fortunes of himself and his family.