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Dr. Strangelove in the Pentagon


Dr. Strangelove in the Pentagon

Rajan Menon

If you’re having trouble sleeping thanks to, well, you know who... you’re not alone. But don’t despair.


Robert Oppenheimer reflecting upon the successful “Trinity” test of the first nuclear weapon, the “Gadget”, in the summer of 1945:


Watch the Movie! Watch the Movie! Dr. Strangelove.


The ‘nuclear posture’ document continues the longstanding US tradition of grossly exaggerating the ‘threat’ posed by Russia…

This dovetails perfectly with the liberal PSYOP of ‘Russian’ election hacking’ and liberals calling for ‘retaliation’ against Russia.

Dollar for dollar, it’s just as easy to con liberals into wanting war as it is conservatives. Maybe easier.


Obama as a Nobel peace laureate is in my view an indelible stain on the Nobel legacy.


Folks: what are the odds that we can survive three more years of Trump’s nuclear insanity?

" What good are nukes if we cannot use them."
Insane Trump quote.


Am I the only one who sees that saying “no” to the Duopoly parties, is saying “no” to this insane level of Military Spending?

Nuclear weapons buildup and talk of Nuclear weapons use would be virtually nonexistent if the people of this country thought more about their children and grandchildren than how they plan on voting for Democrats and Republicans.


Satirist/musician/Harvard math professor Tom Lehrer famously said, “Satire died the day Henry Kissinger accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.” It still takes actual achievement to win for the hard sciences, though.


Another well researched and well written article exposing just how looney tunes the concept of " tactical and limited nuclear war " really is.
Exactly how many planets do these meatheads think there are when someone takes about Mother Earth, the planet, etc?
Other than being The Big Bomb Bamboozle, this whole enterprise is nothing less than a giant cash scam. Like most of the idiotic things the DoD/MIC does, its beauty lies in projecting the wet dreams of lunatics like Trump, Kelly, Mattis and the rest of these numbnuts, onto regimes that have no offensive military posture in mind.


“It still takes actual achievement to win for the hard sciences, though.”

Fully agree, GuildF312S

After 4 years as a molecular biology major and one as a research assistant, I marvel at what gets done.


How are “We” different Dan?

I voted Democrat for 30 years. It took the Iraq war to wake me up.

I don’t doubt that some are proud of their ignorance, I think most just don’t give a shit.

I believe most believe that there’s nothing that they can do, so they continue to vote for the corruption that permeates the Two-party system.

It appears Humanity isn’t going to past this test about who we put in charge of our government, our futures.

Here in the United States we are failing horribly, as are other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, we complain.


I recommend Daniel Ellsberg’s new The Doomsday Machine for an analysis of the decision-making processes involved in this–for its insight into bureaucratic decision-making in general and for its view of the nuclear industry in particular.

As a snap preview, Ellsberg calls Strangelove a documentary.


Mass insanity. Mini nukes were used on 9-11, that’s why the molten metal was present on the ground for at least weeks afterward. WTC towers 1-2 turned to dust, #'s 3-6 all had extensive damage, #7 pull it hours later, occupied by mayors office, cia accounting etc. Yeah they hate us for our freedoms said Shrub. Scores of toasted front half of cars, engines completely gone blocks away. Osama did it from a cave in Afghanistan via cell phone. Yikes, same people still calling the shots today.


Military industrial complex buying Senators and Generals.