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'Draft Beto' Campaign Launches Just as O'Rourke Booted From 'No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge' List


'Draft Beto' Campaign Launches Just as O'Rourke Booted From 'No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge' List

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Urging the Texas congressman to run for president, a group of Democratic Party activists enthusiastically launched a "Draft Beto" 2020 campaign on Tuesday—but the timing couldn't have been much worse.


Looks like the Sandernistas are already running scared and putting coordinated hits on the right-wing Dim Beto who was a “progressive” darling about a month ago. Well they better be careful about this stuff. With OB’s “rolodex” and campaign flacks already on board, his people aint gonna sit silent. This boy’s from Texas and they are baptized in the waters of dirty campaigning and (s)electoral politics. Let the Tweet wars begin. Watch the Duopoly second team eat itself alive even before it gets on the playing field of the Duopoly Kabuki World Series in 2020.


No, not a game changer, a game player!


Beto is another Cruz


Not a good day for Beto with progressives. But how Obama-like of him and his campaign. Remember, great campaigning…mediocre and status quo when governing. I’ll keep an open mind, but hope this is not the general pattern and what we have to look forward to. Not what we need.


He may not be what a good progressive wants, but he’s clearly not another Cruz.


Hillary in drag is the last thing the dems need.


Obama and O’Rourke share the same quality. They’re both slick talkers…but so are snake oil salesmen. We’re the fools who keep falling for their rhetoric.


– and a meteoric rise –


One example cited by O’Rourke’s critics is his praise of natural gas production as “a great job opportunity and an environmentally responsible opportunity.” Such praise, commentators have noted, is profoundly out of touch with the surging grassroots momentum for a Green New Deal, which a new poll found is backed by 82 percent of Americans.

"Beto O’Rourke’s actual political record deserves scrutiny, and it’s not what progressives might expect from the overheated adulation that has sent his presidential balloon aloft," Norman Solomon, co-founder of RootsAction.org, argued in a piece for Common Dreams on Tuesday. As evidence, Solomon cited O’Rourke’s votes to deregulate banks and grant “fast track” authority to ram through the corporate-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Sad – but did he think no one would check?

And by the way, how are these donations identified if $200?

Straw Poll shows the public wants BERNIE SANDERS —


Sadly, many voters don’t bother to check out the facts. They’re attracted to youth and charisma, and for many, the only thing that attracts their vote is race, religion, or gender (I’ll vote for her because she’s a woman).


!Hi junktext1… I wonder who on hs campaign staff decide to take the money and to be fair, does he know----but I don’t think he’s another Cruz---- just another Obama, I saw an ad asking about Biden and Beto…NOOOOOOOOOO!


O’Rourke’s cozying up to corporate money endears him to the d-party establishment.

Who’s ready for a third party?


Demoratic déjà vu all over again


It’s true. He really is like Obama. Maybe Beto can get together with Obama and work on a catchy campaign slogan. Instead of Hope and Change, how about Change you can Bank On. Wall Street should love it.


Better get started stumping for election integrity and ranked choice or approval voting, starting now. Especially now, since Ranked Choice Voting has resoundingly survived its second legal challenge by the GOP in Maine.

Protest votes aren’t cutting it. If you want a European-style five-way race, you’ve got to bring on some of their democratic ideas that make that work. That legal groundwork needs to be laid now. No use complaining on Election Day if the duopoly and the voting machines are serving up more of the same!


Anyone claiming to be a Centrist has as his or her duty suckering the people on the left into believing they can work WITH the 1 percent and believing the 1 percent really cares about the state of the working class.

Centrists are the snakeoil salesmen looking for another sucker . They then go back to the 1 percent for their cut.


“Hype” goes a long way…
If people would have looked closer at Obama, and there were those than did, like Adolph Reed Jr, they would have known how Obama would govern in favor of the status quo.


Or, I WON’T vote for her because she is a woman, which I would argue has happened far more often.

But I agree with your larger point.


If you stuff a political race with about 20 “seem to be” candidates, will they drown out one or two (or too often zero) rather ethical candidates? The Republicans tried this in the 2016 presidential primary and the Republican electorate responded that they’d rather vote for someone with zero political experience and with money and sex scandals up the wazoo, because at least he seemed to be a fresh hairpiece.