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Draft Order Sets Sights on Gitmo 2.0, Portending Legal Wrangling Over Legality of War Against IS


Draft Order Sets Sights on Gitmo 2.0, Portending Legal Wrangling Over Legality of War Against IS

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A draft executive order from the Trump White House calls for keeping the notorious Guantánamo Bay prison open and allowing for individuals associated with the Islamic State (ISIS) to be sent there, which would be a "toxic policy" that threatens "a national security disaster," says one expert.


Of course he will...he thrives on causing grief, pain, and seeking revenge...makes him feel all-powerful. Torture is his style.


Actually I was always pissed that Obama did not close the prison and return the land to Cuba. However, with this new president I hold out hope that Gitmo might become the home of some terrifying terrorists. I would hope that GWBush,DCheney, DRumsfeld, RPearl, Yoo, Kissinger, CPowell and a whole list of liars that took us to illegal wars that killed millions could enjoy a little bit of Cuba now that doors are opening. The sun is warm and bright the colors remarkable, the blue seas, white sands and bright orange attire. I think HRC on the beach at Gitmo in that stylish brilliance of orange would just have her shinning. What do ya think?


We get it. Trump is doing all you can to get ISIS and al-Qaeda and Muslims who are only thinking of joining these violent organizations angry as can be at America so they will attack Americans like never before so he can declare martial law and finally take total control of the United States. And with the Muslim ban and everything this plan, which I assume was devised by Steve Bannon, just might work. Then Trump can claim that there was a good reason for all the Islamophobia and that clamping down with law and order will finally make Americans safe. No doubt the Trump supporters will be grateful.


"He thrives on grief, pain and torture." No surprise about re-opening Gitmo. Looks to me like D.T. is getting ready to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!


I claim a top bunk. (sarcasm)

The reality is that President Trump does have the ability to put progressive dissenters into Guantanamo. I'll point out to those who are under the impression that the President can't do it to US citizens that he can just revoke our citizenship on the flight over. Our activism and community based organizing is our best means of ensuring that the US does not go down this path.


Poppy, doing a Rudolf Hess, would also be appropriate.


That's too good for her. Let's treat her to some home style hospitality right here in the good Ole USA. Perhaps down south where there's an abundance of friends and voters to come visit her on Visitors Day.


And just who decides which folks are labeled "terrifying terrorists"?

Terror is felt on a daily basis in the nations that the nations that are currently feeling the wrath of the American military. Do you know that the US has dropped bombs on fifteen primarily Muslim nations since 1980? Yet we wonder how they can hate the US?


One of the biggest failures of the Obama presidency was the failure to follow through on his promise to close Guantanamo.
Closing the obsolete "coaling station" would have fit hand in hand with the thawing of relations with Cuba.
And now it is too late.


Trump, you are a "bad dude." So when will you sentence yourself to indefinite detention at GTMO?


Gulag Americana


And I suppose that the executive order would not have encountered any blow back from Congress nor would it have any lasting effect with the incoming demagogue. And, please tell me how many states were willing to house the remaining detainees were Guantanamo to be closed? Yeah, I thought so.


Gitmo was never closed in the first place. That's why it's still open.