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'Dragging Their Feet': Trump Admin Delays Closure of Texas 'Tent City' for Migrant Children–Again


'Dragging Their Feet': Trump Admin Delays Closure of Texas 'Tent City' for Migrant Children–Again

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration is delaying closure of a Texas "tent city" that houses migrant boys who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without a parent or were separated from their families under the president's cruel "zero tolerance" policy, according to a CBS News report published Saturday.


Why isn’t the “Homeland” Security Secretary in jail for contempt?


I’m sure Erik Prince is working on a privatized model for background checks as I type. All government activities need to grease the palms of the self-entitled such as himself in his delusional an avarice-centric world.


Crimes against humanity,which include dehumanization, ethnic cleansing, deportations, extrajudicial punishments including kidnappings and forced disappearances, unjust imprisonment, rape, political repression, racial discrimination, and other human rights abuses which may reach the threshold of crimes against humanity if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.

Take your choice.

And it’s not just the Homeland Security Secretary, it’s the Attorney General, the Health and Human Services Secretary and the President of the United States, and countless others in their servitude.


This administration does everything that they are ordered to do, Reluctantly, and spitefully, slow.

They question any authority but their own.


Many of these children are traumatized for life. Detention may just be the beginning of their ordeal. Human trafficking and slave labor is a global annual $32 billion ‘industry’. It’s a crime…


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the civil servant in charge. He needs to be personally brought before the judge.

Sessions can try the excuse of “I didn’t have enough money to complete the work.” However, the judge could then ask Sessions why he didn’t prioritize this particular work over all of his other programs.

If I were the judge, I’d have Sessions placed in a certain white tent in Texas with an ankle monitor for the duration. I don’t do chain gangs or pink underwear.


"State lawmakers who toured the facility say the delay is due to the federal government’s backlog of background checks and fingerprints."


Nice fantasy-you might want to seek some professional help.

So the flood of people illegally trying to use children to gain entry into our country(Catch & Release) has over whelmed immigration authorities who are following legal dictates to ascertain the true identification of these aliens.

Why does this bother you? These people have committed a crime. They are using our good nature to game us. Why should we not defend our borders? Don’t you think it’s a good idea to determine exactly WhoTF we’ve got in custody?

Washington, DC)** – Judicial Watch today released 224 pages of documents containing nearly 1,000 summaries of Significant Incident Reports (SIRs) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) processed during the Obama administration included admitted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, prostitutes, and human traffickers.

Are you cool with your new neighbors being murderers? Rapists? Maybe you’d like to read this and get back to me?

Do you believe anyone(and therefore everyone) that presents themselves to Border Patrol has the right to just c’mon in? Would you be Ok with another 40 Million? 50 Million? 100 Million? 500 Million?

Does it occur to you that right now with over 40 Million illegal aliens that have a net cost to tax payers of over $100 Billion that Millions more will dramatically lower the the standard of living for most of us, destroy our communities and further cripple our infrastructure?

I’d just as soon not be bothered with these holding facilities and just return these people a couple 100 miles back into Mexico. After several million of them start to overwhelm Mexico, you better believe they’re going to stop the illegal entry on their southern border.


Cruelty…thy name is USA.


According to John W. Whitehead, the average American unknowingly commits three crimes every day. By your logic, we all should (and could be) in “detention” in this era of over-criminalization and over-incarceration. Hopefully you, and many others, will see this steadily
creeping Fascism for what it is; before it’s too late.

Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religious belief or class; we are in the end all equally members of the human race.


Fun tangential fact: If the current rate of incarceration continues, every single american “citizen” will be in jail within 50 years.


That’s it? That’s your response to all of my queries?

First of all, your point is a non-sequitur.

Second, I’ve read that the average American(key word there bub) commits 30! crimes a day unintentionally(another key word bub)

Do we need to allow millions of aliens into our country to commit even more crimes? Talk to Kate Steinle…oh wait, you can’t, a 7x! deported illegal alien hiding out in plain sight in a sanctuary city, stole a weapon and killed her.

That’s a horrible story repeated 1,000s of times in this country. Don’t we have enough of our own criminals?

In Texas alone over 600,000 VIOLENT crimes were committed by illegal aliens during the 8 year Obama nightmare.

Yeah, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and PolPot were all human beings too(REgressives too). What a ridiculous point. Are you even awake?


Wait until the polar ice caps melt, the oceans really rise, and the whole world fries. Then you’ll really see immigration. The world needs an immigration policy, now. I don’t think the wars will stop. I don’t think climate change is going to reverse any time soon.
There is no easy solution to masses people who have to leave their homes.


Well according to innumerable predictions made by “global warming…er…climate change” folks on your side, the oceans should already be dead and higher then the Empire State Building.

The easy solution for those that enter our country illegally or over stay their visas is to deport them. Anyone attempting to enter our country illegally should be immediately deported. Once actions like that are taken and are seen by illegal, potential over stayers or border crossers, this crap will drop to near zero.


The entire Black Sea is dead. Its predominant life form is one species of jellyfish. Other dead ocean zones are expanding around the Mississippi River Delta and elsewhere.

The Caspian Sea, on the other hand, is not only dead but almost gone, nonexistent, evaporated, a bowl of blowing saline dust.


And you contend that AGW is responsible?

re: The Black Sea is considered one of most polluted seas in world. In last 40 years it turned into a sort of depository for half of Europe, a place for depositing huge amounts of phosphorus compounds, mercury, DDT, oil and other toxic wastes coming from 160 million people inhabiting its shores.

I think you can look else where for the reason the Black Sea is dead.


The use of incarceration on US immigrants who don’t have jobs or education lined up ahead of time is not new, but the increase is new.

My hunch is that some entity, some group, is encouraging them to come. The recent caravan was a quite well-organized affair.
Following the money…

  1. Adults are being sent to prison to help American companies be great again through prison factories paying little for labor.
  2. Many adult immigrants go for the military service option, at a time when service in the military is less popular and the demand for more soldiers by the government remains high. I wonder how young they can do this…
  3. Children are learning to deal with military camp, …, hmm, are we grooming more soldiers?