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Drain Clogged? Jeb! Can Fix It


Drain Clogged? Jeb! Can Fix It

Entering the environs of Desperation City, Jeb! Bush has decided to reboot his bumbling campaign with the release of 730 pages of his no-doubt-gripping, years-old emails and a rousing new "Jeb Can Fix It!" slogan so inane and ambiguous it's swiftly attracted an avalanche of ridicule about dishwashers and squeaky doors and how "Jeb will do the stuff that will fix the things!" as soon as he figures out what they are. Yeah, he's on it.


Jeb the fix it man?

Just be sure to get a written estimate and you'd best shop around for a better deal!

It is all about image say the politicians. They care only about appearances. "Do the stuff that will fix things"? The dumbing down of America is percolating upwards.

"Stuff"? Whoa! Too intellectual for me!


'a written estimate' accurate within 10%

Wouldn't that be a nice change.


Sure would but...

best check the fine print anyway! We are talking a Bush here after all.


What they meant to say was "Jeb! The Fix is In"


Seriously ... I am getting scared. Maybe this isn't all a con and our politicians really are this dumb.

What if GW Bush was actually the smart brother? Stuff! Our politicians are telling us that they will fix ... STUFF!

I keep thinking that years from now when we are long gone... future generations of our progeny are going to be so f'n pissed that we were ever dumb enough to let the worst happen. They wouldn't believe this crap if we told them. Americans will vote for politicians who will fix stuff.

Why should we be scared? We'll be dead and so our grandkids can't get us (they'll want to burn us at the stake for what is coming in the future). We're cool. They can't touch us.

Nothing to be proud of but hey... they are really going to be pissed that we've been this stupid...be glad they can't get us. Sigh.


Our generation went from first on the moon to ... fixing stuff.

The dumbing up of America!


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We have the obadrone saying "Don't do dumb stuff" and now Jeb! "Can fix it" [all the obadrone's dumb stuff]. Hey, at least Jeb! hasn't coined his own language ... yet!


It's an either or scary. Either they are so arrogant and contemptuous of the voters that they purposefully dumb down their speech thinking we couldn't understand the issues...


They really are that dumb and don't even realize how much it shows.


Lol Think it's a family trait? Dubya used to make me wince to listen to him.


Jeb's going to fix "stuff." Like the stuff that happens in war! -Rumsfeld. Especially appreciate the above reference to fixing the 2000 election. Sure was fixed, not won. Was my first thought. So glad to know others are on the same page.


This Bush family is really something. They have had access to Ivy League schools, untold wealth and power, yet the Bush children are intellectually lazy and entitled. It is shocking how they speak and think.


The first thing that came to my mind was a saying from an old TV commercial that my wife loves to say, "It's Shake and Bake, and Ahhh-I helped!" Still better than Jeb's writers.


Our politicians are fronts for oligarchs who prefer to manipulate from behind the curtain. They are selected for their vacuous stupidity. Anyone with a brain would be ashamed of the things they do for their masters. This is demonstrated by how easy it is to trip these fools up with a real question and why MSM shills are instructed to NEVER ask hard questions lest their lack of intelligence become glaringly obvious to even the most uninformed voters.


Daddy gives a million to the school and baby gets a degree.


Makes ya wonder if poppy married a member of his family ... you know -- keeping the family genes pure and all that :smile: