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Dramatic House Sit-In on Guns Is Undercut By Focus on Secret, Racist Watchlist


Dramatic House Sit-In on Guns Is Undercut By Focus on Secret, Racist Watchlist

Zaid Jilani, The Intercept

Congressional Democrats took the unprecedented step of conducting an actual sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, demanding that Republican leaders allow votes on gun control legislation.

But this unusually bold and moving tactic was undercut by the fact that its chief goal is a political gimmick that would do little to stop gun violence, while expanding the use of a deeply flawed anti-terror watchlist.


We can thank Susan Collins from Maine for putting this silly bill forward. She is working hard to represent Maine just like the governor Paul Lepage.


Hillary's minions milking fear for all its worth.


Fine. Nobody needs a damn gun anyhow. I have survived 64 years, including three spent homeless on the streets of NYC and the only thing a gun would have done for me is get me permanently put away for murder when I shot somebody who was threatening me instead of running away like I did. My pride may have been hurt, but everybody went home alive that night. Where are the "pro-lifers"? Oh...yeah...they only care about masses of cells in women's wombs...if you're an actual breathing, tax-paying citizen, tough shit. There is no reason for anyone to carry around an easily available murder machine on their person. As usual, Amerikans fall in line with the interests of multi-billion dollar corporations who could care less if your child's head gets blown off for no reason as long as their bottom line remains profitable. Ship of fools.


This is what angers me so. An obvious need to ban assault weapons and do background checks on everyone buying a gun is turned into a fiasco by basing it on the hated no fly list. See this is how Democrats work. They take a thing like gun control and instead of going straight to it, they wrap it around something that ultimately makes us less safe and more surveilled. The Orlando shooter wasn't a terrorist he was a Muslim that was angry and did a shooting. But now gun control is all about the no fly list.
The sit in was great political theater but what did it accomplish? Nothing but make the Dems look more liberal when in fact that isn't the case. What a sham. That's why nothing gets done, everything has an ulterior motive. What a sham.


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The no-fly list exists, with its flaws. The bill (only one of two the sitters-in want voted on) doesn't create new problems and makes no difference to any effort to fix the no-fly list. And as I understand (from watching the sit-in for about 12 hours), it wasn't a Democrat's idea. These two bills were what was on the docket for action by the House. What the sit-in really demands is that they debate it, take the opportunity to review the problems with the no-fly list, and perhaps commit to fixing it. But the problems with the list do not "undercut" the importance of the demand that something be done, something be said publicly, something be put on the record.

And this bill is not the focus. There's another bill, to close the loopholes on background checks. And yes, there are other measures that might make a bigger difference, but they are not yet on the docket for action by our lawmakers. We have to start somewhere.


Barbara Lee is pathetic on this:

I looked it up because of another article today that shows her betrayal of the left: