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Drawing Thousands in Red States, Sanders Undaunted After WV Officials Cancel Monday Event


Drawing Thousands in Red States, Sanders Undaunted After WV Officials Cancel Monday Event

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he will not be "intimidated" from speaking in West Virginia's McDowell County, "one of the poorest areas in one of our poorest states," after officials pulled the plug on a Monday town hall event.


I remember rockin' to the James Montgomery Blues Band in my teens at our armory in Putnam, a small mill town (mainly textiles) in Northeast Connecticut, eventually ravaged by "free trade deals." Those were the days--we had FUN!

Armories are actually publicly owned buildings, built with and maintained by public taxes, and which are likely exempt from local property taxes. It seems to me, that armories are the perfect venues for free political speech and public debate, especially when they're taking up taxable space in a community--dollars that could otherwise be spent supporting public schools, another great venue for free political speech and public debate.

Add that idea to the corporatists list for closing public schools: depriving communities of public meeting spaces. Not everybody has an armory, but everybody has (or did have) a public school.


Run Bernie Run! Start your Presidential campaign now, and run as an Independent! Don't give the Democrats another chance to F you.


Well, if they were trying to get Bernie riled up, along with the people who support him, they sure did a bang-up job! Glad to know Bernie is still charging forward - God bless him.


Here's where Bernie can really help make a point:

To stop Trump and the hard right, we've got to start somewhere. That balance between bringing attention--which a visit would inevitably do--to these districts versus attracting unregulated and massive Koch money is one that has to be considered. Still, the fight is worth having.


'...[Department of Defense] and State Armory Board policy" which forbids "the use of military facilities for political and election events and specifically includes town hall meetings as an example of such activities."' I know this to be like most posts and armories, so how did this get scheduled to begin with? Odd. At least Bernie is going anyway.


I do not know why, but Bernie has turned down running as a third party candidate or leaving the democratic party.

Bernie must have a good reason, because Bernie must know how corrupt the democratic party is; why Bernie still wants to belong to that corruption...is beyond me!


"At least Bernie is going anyway."

Yep. For people to hear anything other than right wing radio, there has to be a voice out there to begin with saying different things.


WV needs a jolt. I don't know of anyone but Sanders who might do that.


Where are you getting this idea from anyway? Sanders calls himself an independent and is listed as such on both his Senate website and the US governments websites. He is up for re-election in 2018m and I can assure you it will be with an I next to his name and most certainly not a D.


Bernie is a smart cookie. Any one of us could go to West Virginia and organize. Most of us are afraid of the locals simply because they're a little different from our kind. Well, they're people.


Maybe he doesn't think it's as corrupt as you think it is? Maybe he recognizes many of his fellow Democratic members of Congress, from different districts in different areas of the country, are not all going to think just like he does but are nevertheless decent people? Maybe he doesn't think Democrat--bad--is a rational way of moving forward, particularly since you need a coalition to govern? He might also recognize, that for all our differences on the Left, for most of us, it's a matter of degree. Joe Manchin, after all, supports expanding Social Security. His vote may be needed if we get a bill on the floor of the Senate to do that within the next few years. Bernie screaming that he's a sellout certainly ain't gonna help that cause, as good as some of us here may think that feels.

Just thoughts.


Go get 'em, Bernie! <3


Excellent reply!


Yes, lets hope Bernie stays healthy for 2018 because he is about all the progressives have now.


There was no hostile intent in the cancellation of this event - the Armory is owned by the WV National Guard which follows a quite proper DOD policy of not allowing agency facilities to be used for political events. It may even violate the Hatch Act which enforces a firewall between civil or military service and partisan political activity.

Trouble is, there are no other suitable public spaces in largely abandoned Welsh, WV.


"Sanders challenged the people of West Virginia to resist any efforts by President Donald Trump to become an authoritarian and undermine the country's court system."

If he accomplishes nothing else than adding more people to the resistance efforts it will be worth the trip. It is particularly in Republican bastions like West Virginia that people need to show their representatives that they are resisting. Maybe these people will not agree with Bernie about the need to end coal mining including mountaintop removal coal mining but at least they should agree on the need to preserve the institutions that make the US a democracy and prevent a president from becoming a dictator.


Only when power becomes worried about its survival does it react. Appealing to its better nature is useless. It doesn’t have one


A National Guard armory? Doesn't Sanders know the history of those places? This armories appeared after and in response to the Pullman Porter Strike in the later 19th century. The National Guard exists to protect the propertied against people like Sanders and workers in particular. He should find a more appropriate venue like a schcool or a theater.

Then again, maybe the armory was appropriate if he is just trying to cap and steer worker discontent into a dead-end Democrat deception.


Having lived near, and worked in West Virginia for many years, there is one thing I hate to break to Sanders and his supporters. While they may line up and listen to Sanders' left leaning populist musings, republicans in the mountain state need not fear. If there is one constant among the totally dim West Virginia electorate it's that given the opportunity they will rub shit all over themselves and vote for any Nazi coal baron that tells them they are the salt of the earth for being America's Morlocks.
Take a good long gander at wild wonderful west vir-by-God-ginia. It is exactly what Trump and his buddies want to turn America in to. A human wasteland filled to the brim with uneducated ignorant rubes that live in squalor, Having been beaten down for so long by the oligarchy that they have accepted their lot in life as inhabitants of our 21st century feudal state, never questioning, and actually cheering for their overlords success like some sort of sorry assed statewide case of Stockholm syndrome.