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'Dreamers Are Home': Supreme Court Rejects Trump Effort to End DACA Program

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/dreamers-are-home-supreme-court-rejects-trump-effort-end-daca-program

´First , before you are an immigrant, you are a human being’

Here is a key FOR ALL OF US to the insidious conflation of empire oligarchs ‘cherry picking’ admonitions from spiritual texts with oppression of ‘the least amongst us’. WHO in the first place set the hierarchy on an ‘identity trope’ ??? Therein lies a lens worth keeping at hand.

How many identity tropes can you identify in a MSM article in one hour, in one day, in one week, in one year ? We are awash in toxic identity tropes. Dear god in heaven a baseball team is still called “THE REDSKINS”.

This is the stuff that non-violent revolution is made of. Wash off the tropes and greet your new neighbors in solidarity.


We must figure out a way to take DACA people out of DACA limbo and give THEM permanent status while at the same time not opening our middle class and unskilled jobs to vulnerability in the attack by India in WTO dispute DS503, an attack on visa-quotas (not visa fees) for guest workers in the WTO that if we lose, could lead to literally milions of our good jobs being outsourced at minimum wage or slightly above it.

Doing this successfully requires a national hive mind of brainstorming to occur or we’re guaranteed to fall into a tarp, which is why discussion is being suppressed by both corrupt parties.
The DACA recipients are like pawns in this game, but they have been deprived of the knowledge of seeing where they fit into all this. Its insanely complicated and risky navigating this minefield without even knowing it is one, thats what trade deals are intended to do.

So we’re almost guaranteed to be fucked because of this lack of the hive mind that needs to occur.

(This would basically lead to it no longer being worthwhie for people to get college degrees in many fields because there would not be jobs for Americans or citizen recent immigrants, everybody who was not artificially disempowered would be priced out of our own job market, including all the DACA folk, if they had attained legal permanent residency by then. Its truly the deal from hell.)

This is an incredibly complex mess, that nobody knows anything about, it seems, here in the US, that could basically- within a year or two, squeeze out not only most or almost all (its done that already, even though we’re not aware of it) non corporate human “immigration” by vastly increasing intra-corporate transfer, which is officially “non-immigration” turning it and its ultra cheap, disempowered labor into an entitlement of foreign countries. This is the neoliberal #1 goal, vastly undemining workers and labr and beginning the race to the bottom in earnest. So this next term is incredibly important, as long as Biden or Trump wins, the war on the middle class will likely go ahead.

(putting the WTO in charge of it)

This will mean an end to the era of high wages in some countries, and according to the pundits ulock lierally trillions of dollars in profits now being paid in overhigh wages in places like the US.

As they put it we’re literally throwing trillion dollar blls on the sidewalk. (watch out because in their propaganda they go to great lengths to confuse non-immigration and immigration, the two are totally different, one is basically modern slavery (non-immigration) the other is people traveling to move to a country who are not there dependent on a job, like a temp job. (Non-immgration is a scheme that allows people to be controlled by their employer, if they lose their jobs they have to immediately leave the country, its preferred by many companies because they can and do make people work 60 hour weeks, and they cant change jobs for years, nor negotiate higher wages, basically its a very bad situation for them. This will be the future for all of is - well have to travel to the ends of the world to find work, splitting up families and making people live under very low incomes due to not being able to prevent this trick from being played on us now, and letting this test case DS503 become binding on the entire worlds workers. )

Its part of a scheme thats been in place for decades, a migrant labor which was originally based on the “Kafala” system in the Middle East.)

but the Uruguay Round, then Doha round negotiations between Global North and Global South nations have repeatedly collapsed over terms with issues like “market access” being particularly contentious. - Services once committed are forzen in terms of regulation, with only the most minimal changes permitted.

Scope of any government programs must be absolutely minimal possible to accomplish the most minimal goals.

Workers are framed in terms like “inputs” and services become commodities traded as “exports” and “imports” allowing all laws involving them to become the purview of the WTO and limiting domestic regulation of all kinds if it impedes other countries “export products” cheap services and even temporary labor. This creates a wy to avoid wage and labor laws to a great extent. (even if they have to pay high skill workers like engineers a monimum wage, theyoften find ways around it, plus its calulated based on a nonexistent 40 hour week)

This is really a huge con job or scam against the peole because its been hidden so aggressively -

It is behind a huge percentage of our policy problems, we’re totally living in the dark, as if the last 20+ years of changes had never happened. Because we never got the memo.

Make no mistake about it, a loss “for the US” here, (but everything seems rigged and things are not what they seem, as our leaders are probably all warking behind our backs, all these countries secretly want ulta cheap labor and we’ve been likely to have this happen for a long time, they just cant agree on the splitting of the take, basically- nomatter what most people lose.

would change the whole world and greatly shrink the middle class because a great many high skill professions requiring degrees would become precarious disempowered migrant labor.

The kinds of migrants who flee dictatorships and involve families moving permanently (immigration) would be squeezed out by “non-immigration” by intra corporate transfer of skilled workers (but not so skilled that they make much more than our least skilled here) Wages for all jobs would plummet and most of the improvements won in the last century would be overturned as trade barriers or harmonized to some global least common denominator. Unions wuld likely be destroyed by this change because they would not have jobs to give away and huge foreign firms dominating entire service sectors (think SchoolsCo" or "StaffingOfficesCo"are given a green light to do almost anything they want, as far as discrimination, so would be impervious to union organizing.

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again, the supreme court gives you all the wins you want for cultural issues but wont budge an inch on economic ones. Just watch.

And to be clear, I applaud this ruling. But again by itself and without sort of economic reform is toothless because economic empowerment is a necessary and indispensable factor everytime you look at improving peoples’ lives on a systemic level. those DACA kids, for example, how are they gonna find jobs, pay for student loan debt, pay for healthcare? So great they can get stay and get jobs. But what jobs? Where? How much do they pay? With what benefits? Will it be enough to support themselves? Target is doing $15 an hour but giving people only part time hours.

Cultural issues without economic empowerment just makes it the frosting. But frosting is all you will ever get from these people - and with it a steady diet of dessert - which is empty calories until you get in some of the meat and potatoes. All these SCOTUS rulings, Trump’s phony, ineffective EO on police reform, kneeling in African garb, virtue signaling on all fronts, diversity initiatives, Hollywood one percenter celebs posting self aggrandizing wokeness videos, painting streets BLACK LIVES MATTER - that is all just frosting. Nothing has changed. Nothing.

I mean look, again not to discount how important the LGBT ruling is and how important this one is: how many people do these rulings affect? 5% to 10% of the population, if that? So we have had some great outcomes from the supreme court and they literally dont affect 90% of the people in this country.


The point that these would be HUMAN RIGHTS is not lost on the predators.

If we recognize PEOPLE HAVE INALIENABLE RIGHTS, good Lord what next.


But what about cheating the law via offshoring rights in gtmo?

What next…HABEAS CORPUS might have to be the RULE OF THE LAND.

What is this Country coming too.


US football team actually, but your point stands.

There is still a Major League baseball team called the Braves, and another called the Indians – which at least one gave up their “mascot” Chief Noc-A-Homa years ago, and the other has finally more recently given up their insulting cartoon “mascot” Chief Wahoo…

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And there are still the Chiefs, I do believe. It would be great to get rid of those mascots but more than that I’d like to see the names of the killing armaments changed. No more Apache helicopters, or Black Hawks or Comamche, etc. The mascots are demeaning the weapons are despicable.


i just think “we” – all of us on Earth – need to get past the “us-and-them” divide-and-conquer mentality that serves the looting class in every country, and hurts the vast majority in every country.

ALL of us deserve respect, honor, “a place at the table,” living wages, clean ecology, etc. WE need a global movement, a global hive mind, of equality for all, in every human-created “country” and across every human created “border.” If we don’t get past fighting for “our” borders and “our” country and “our” people at the expense of “others” –


My gut-level take on these two recent surprising actions (continued DACA for children of undocumented persons, and continued protection [in theory] against workplace discrimination for LGBTQ) by the “Supreme” Court in the USA:

They are pulling back slightly on their outrageous provocations, because they see a national (and global) uprising bubbling near the point of explosion, and they do not want to keep creating conditions for solidarity among an ever-growing collection of justly pissed-off major groups.

So, the power of organizing, power in the streets, actual threats to their power, has an impact on their actions, though they will NEVER acknowledge this.

What this calls for is ongoing organizing of power by masses of people acting together in solidarity to challenge the legitimacy of, and threaten the interests of, the existing power structure and the looting class that it serves.


From my perspective it became a covert Fascist Country on: 11/22/63 and now it has become transparently overt what it has always been since that assassination.

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Right, thats what I am saying,

No, the DACA people have been living here in many cases their whole lives, they are not gaming our system, so much as contributing to it. The problem is, other people, who are much richer, who the Administration is trying to replace all of us with , including the DACA people are, they are very well connected and very wealthy, and they want to use DACA as a way to break our ability to prevent our being able to control work dependent entry iinto the country to provide services,

A guest slavery program they want which goes back to the 1980s, it has been in the pipeline for decades.

Its probably the key to understanding all this. Nothing is what it seems to be.

Its all about making it possible for temp firms to provide very very cheap labor, perhaps way below US minimum wage (our ability to make foreign firms even pay a leagl US wage is contested too, alog with our ability to apply our immigration laws to other countries non-immigrant (business only, non-uimmigrant visa workers)

~ (h)ttps://blog.nccr








Read this article:^^^^^

They seem to be susttematically gutting workplace discrimination laws because they are framed as a trade barrier if they stand in the way of foreign firms that are almost excusively male and not US nationality replacing very large numbers of public workrs, industry by industry. They probably discriminate against trans people if they discriminate against all non-Telegu speakers.

We’re going to be the big losers under services liberalization, thats no secret, because we are more expensive, whomever is the cheapest gets a legal entitlement to do it.

Do you know about the Uruguay Round?

The US is against anything that prevents the free alienation of all rights. If they cant read or write, to sign away their rights, do it digitally with a fingerprint.

Telugu, according to the interwebs, and my spell-check.

I’m sorry. Well, you get the idea, its an Indian language. many workplaces now speak it exclusively. They are not interested in hiring any locals.

Why would they, when we have all these expectations?

Some European countries are making them, though. Less so the US - as we are generally against local content requirements, something I was trying to explain here yesterday in the context of Green New Deal. If the intent of GND is the creation of good local jobs for young Americans, there is something they need to know which now it seems they are blissfully unaware of.

I can see - in a way why Bernie Sanders didnt tell them, I mean they are young, and carrying a burden of terrible but factual knowledge can really impact how you see everything. Now Sanders is a lot older than I and has much broader perspective than I do too. He may be seeing the big picture. Also, what about marriage and children if our young people dont marry and or dont have children because they are afraid they wont be able to feed and clothe them, even if they are right, where does that leave the country? Do you get what I am saying?

Any speculation on WHY we are seeing this spurt of liberalism from the
fascist SC?

My guess is it’s the protests – which are just so right – and I imagine there are
forces working to disrupt them one way or another because they are working!

Now imagine what overturning ROE would do right now –

Don’t get over confident however – plenty of violence on the right wing side to turn
us around again – as that violence has been doing against women’s clinics for 40
or more years now.

Feminist Majority brought the issue of that violence to the SC asking for RICO laws to
be applied – they were refused. No protection for women’s clinics by government –
despite that reproductive freedom is legal in US.

As we can see both birth control and abortion are “controversial” subjects in US still because
of the corporate control over the nation and they need CHEAP LABOR/HIGHER PROFITS
for corporations/Elites. ROE has nothing whatsoever to do with “morality” as neither the GOP
nor Elites have any.

A million women a year make their own decisions on abortion every year – actually many
more than that – and whatever the count on unwanted pregnancies, about half of them go to
full term and about half are terminated.


is it possible that Roberts is finally having his conscience rule now? hard to believe but I’ll take it and pray that Ruth holds on!

As I was trying to explain, the DACA situation is almost certainly connected - to another dispute, involving what is immigration and under our undisputed control what is non-immigration and likely framed by other countries as the WTO’s jurisdiction. Given the situation, everything involving “immigration” of any kind likely ties in to this dispute which will impact whether the world has a middle class as it does today for much longer. Some say that many skilled jobs are best treated as precarious labor and globalized. Its framed as much more profitable, countries like the US that have much higher wage are framed as wasting huge amounts of money considering the ready availability of workers in a wide belt of labor supplying countries stretching across the developing world, just like a belt. …


If the WTO rules they have jurisdiction, it will mean the end of the era of decent paying jobs in the US, within a few years. Everybody will be struggling for what today are considered to be the really crappy jobs. Lots of people will lose everything they own of value and likely the government will go into receivership resulting in the loss of all social benefits and probably years of structural adjustment programs intended to funnel money to pay back our balance of payments. In order to save money they will “have to” outsource even more jobs.

“I’m sure you understand”.


There is a very little bit on my site but you can find a fair amount written on it in the Indian press.

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Yes, see my post above.

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Zed –

But what you are reporting is all from ONE point of view – CAPITALISM -
which most of the world has long ago rejected – and which US is pretty fed
up with and rejecting presently.


Capitalism is suicidal – for the planet and humanity. We don’t have much time left.

Global Warming will be what determines our futures. Nothing else.