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Dress Like A Woman: Paying Tribute to the Victims of the Tragic - Also Imaginary - Bowling Green Massacre


Dress Like A Woman: Paying Tribute to the Victims of the Tragic - Also Imaginary - Bowling Green Massacre

Nation, do not despair. Despite the carnage around us, online wiseacres - along with mass resistance, lawsuits, impeachment, checks/balances and the press/Democrats possibly finding their spines - may help save us. When Kellyanne 'What Is This Thing Called Facts?' Conway just plain made up a "massacre" by Iraqi refugees to justify the travel ban, ho boy people had fun remembering the alternative tragedy and the day they died in it. But warning: The White House wants you to "dress like a woman" at the memorial.


Conway, Spicer and their propaganda master Bannon know exactly what they are doing: trumpet totally false information that will fire up their base and fuel the flames of fear of “the other.” Then, just like Conway recently did about the specious Iraqi BS, back off with a dog whistle “apology” without really apologizing. But they accomplished what they set out to do: fool the hopelessly foolish and ignorant while glorifying their Prevaricator-in-Chief galloping down Pennsylvania Avenue on a white steed saving Americans from…???

A page out of Goebbels playbook.

Propaganda in itself had a 3-fold focus:
 Deification of Trump (e.g. as a messianic figure to be
 Defining the enemy and justifying their treatment (e.g. targeting
Muslims and non-whites)
 Rallying the masses (for tyranny, supporting invasions into sovereign nations)

“The first duty of the propagandist is to win over people
who can subsequently be taken into the organization. And the
first duty of the organization is to select and train men who will
be capable of carrying on the propaganda. The second duty of
the organization is to disrupt the existing order of things and
thus make room for the penetration of the new teaching which
it represents, while the duty of the organizer must be to fight
for the purpose of securing power, so that the doctrine may
finally triumph.”


“like remember for the 9,784th time”

Where do you get this figure? Is it real or hyperbole?
I have seen other examples of the tallying of trumps lies and other interesting statistics.

Is there a website I need to know about?


I didn’t realize that this was a satirical piece until I got to the part about Democrats finding their spine. Can invertebrates even do that?


Not sure how much ‘honesty’’ and ‘mistake’ go together. At any rate, the ‘collateral’ damage from her ‘honest’ mistake will/is real enough. It would be better to say ‘thoughtless mistake’, no?


I guess there’s no choice but to find humour in it. It’s really no joke though. It’s hard to weigh the ridicule this kind of race baiting bullshit receives against the cummulative effect of masses of people continuously being spoonfed lies about the danger and violence of Muslims/arabs.

The lies are stupid and ridiculous. But their effect is not.


And Bannon is the Propaganda Master here, sowing many a distraction while setting up America for something other than democracy of any kind.


Yet it well serves the effect of distracting mainstream media from reporting more serious goings on. Where are the investigators into the most serious stuff happening?


I dunno, I just saw a headline on MSNBC that cited the “NYT” with something like ‘djt not briefed on order putting Bannon on NSC.’ Sounds to me like MSM doing its J-O-B.


Exactly, which is why an impeachment of Trump seems unsatisfactory. He has loaded the white-house up with a Cabinet of Extremists to the worst degree. Is there any legal action that could result in the removal of his entire cabinet?? Espionage and treason maybe?


Radicalizing Xenophobes seems pretty serious to me. These people will survive a four year presidency, and when government turns hands they will still be radicalized. We must work to ensure that fascist ideology does not grow in popularity. Waiting until the problem is full blown is not the way to handle any problem. We must reach out, learn the complaints of these people and help them to understand why they are wrong. A lot of these people are set in their ways, but there are many who have been activated politically for the first time ever. They have been misinformed, mislead, and they lack the experience to know any better.


Your use of the word distraction is perhaps the problem. I think it would be ill-advised to designate a particular issue a distraction, they all deserve time and attention. You are not completely off the mark though. Your right about Bannon, he must be deposed. And his assault on every front is intended to flood and overwhelm. So keep current, keep up to date, stay active, people everywhere are working towards the same goals as you. Solidarity with your fellowman, we all need each-other, and we will all stand together.


lol, good eye. Clearly an attempt to gain some credibility by associating herself with a word for “trust-worthty”: Sad situation when the only positive association you have is a word in the English language.

“Thoughtless mistake”? It would certainly be more apologetic, but was it really thoughtless? she’s a bullshitter all right!


If I understand you correctly, these misled voters are exactly why letting it play out a bit (at least) will accomplish what you hope for. They need to see his gilded surroundings, hear what’s wrong with his cabinet and SCOTUS nominees, and figure out that they’ve been misinformed. I try to draw encouragement from every misstep made.


Nobody, but nobody tells Tess Asplund how to dress, particularly the neo-nazis of the WH.



No, I was advocating for starting a conversation with the trump voter. use what ever platform you can and listen to them and then challenge them with your narrative and the facts. I would not encourage a “Wait and See” attitude, we need people to be active.


I advocate both/and. In my experience, facts are rarely enough to change made-up minds.


We have to fight for the minds of people we can change, you never know who that will be. Have you ever heard of Daryl Davis, the black musician who converted over 200 KKK members? One by one.

Many stones build that bridge.


I’d be very surprised if that was about facts. My experience (GLBT in a mainline Protestant denomination) is that relationships are what make those changes, faces more than facts. But again I say “both/and/every opportunity.”


Not imaginary: 1643, New Amsterdam, White “Christian” immigrants against the Native Americans: