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Drifting Away from Peace


Drifting Away from Peace

Sajjad Hussain

With the Cold War ending in the early 1990s, some Western scholars predicted a more peaceful world with liberal democracy the only game in town. The findings of the Global Peace Index suggest otherwise.


I’m afraid that the only possibility that we will see Peace in this lifetime is, if many of us are willing to sacrifice ourselves to expose the true brutality of our Duopoly form of government.


Thanks to CD for reprinting this. I’ve shared to two Facebook groups from the original FPIF publication. I usually prefer the direct link, and have downloaded the GPI report, but this article presents a helpful analysis and additional commentary. I am most shuddered by this:

'Although the United States has done poorly in terms of safety and security as well as ongoing conflict, its rank in the militarization domain is particularly dire: fourth from the bottom, below Syria and above only North Korea, Russia, and Israel. The report notes that the US score has deteriorated across all three domains since last year. “For a number of years, the United States has scored the worst possible scores on such variables as incarceration, involvement in external conflicts, weapons exports, and nuclear weapons” says the report.

‘“The United States spends more on its military than any country in the world – all while its politicians claim not to be able to afford measures like universal health care and free or low-cost higher education that are commonplace in other wealthy nations,” notes Lindsay Koshgarian, program director for the National Priorities Project. “At the same time, the U.S. military polls as citizens’ most trusted institution, above organized religion, the media, public schools, the courts, and far above Congress. A good deal of American exceptionalism – the belief that America is and always will be ‘number one’ – seems based on wartime victories going as far back as World War II.”’

We the people must turn around the culture of fear that makes violence laudable and militarization against the world necessary.