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Drillers Welcome: NC Lawmakers Quietly Pass Ban on Anti-Fracking Ordinances



Once again, a governmental entity rushes to defy the will of the citizens it supposedly represents. A "Republican-led" one, at that. Aren't they the ones who like to spout off that "government is the problem?" Looks like this time, they're right! LOL.


So much for bottom up governance


Too bad for NC. They are going to learn the truth after it's too late. This is another example of the toxic O&G industry contaminating our health, environment and most of all our democracy. It's no longer up to the people to determine the character of their communities. It's politicians taking big money from O&G. Then promoting this toxic industry instead of protecting the people who put them in office. Read Shalefield Stories to hear first hand accounts from people living in the shale fields of America.