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Drilling, Drilling, Everywhere


Drilling, Drilling, Everywhere...

Subhankar Banerjee

Will the Trump Administration Take Down the Arctic Refuge?

Kayaktivists in Seattle, Washington staged a flotilla to block one of Shell's drilling rigs from reaching its Arctic destination.


" What he evidently wants to do is sell off the most ecologically and culturally significant places in the state to Big Oil. On the sacrifice block is a long endangered stretch of public land, Area 1002, or the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a biological nursery of global significance and a place sacred to the indigenous Gwich’in Nation. Like her father, also a Republican senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski is championing the task of opening the refuge to drilling by abusing the filibuster-proof budget process rather than debating this controversial issue as stand-alone legislation in Congress."


Majestic blue ball,
Fragile, so very fragile,
What more do they want?