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Drilling-Induced 'Frackquakes' Threatening Millions Across Central US


Drilling-Induced 'Frackquakes' Threatening Millions Across Central US

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Oil and gas drilling has made parts of the central United States as dangerous as the most earthquake-prone regions of California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), exposing millions of people to the risk of human-induced earthquakes, known as "frackquakes."


Why can't all that wastewater just be pumped up Cheney's ass?


Like fracking pollution and poisoned water disposal wells? Like the earthquakes and water pollution they cause?

Vote Hillary for more of the same! The candidate of big-money!

The answer to end fracking and oil/gas pipeline threats and other environmental destruction is Bernie Sanders!


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There are earthquakes and there are Earthquakes. Frackquakes are pretty weak, compared with what nuclear plants are designed to withstand.


Good for you! I suppose you use solar cells to generate electricity and don't use cars or planes for travel. And how do you heat your home? The problem is population, and, until we recognize that, we'll continue to use fossil fuels and wreck the environment. And that includes Bernie.


They wouldn't really lie to us would they? I mean it's their job to represent us and not vested interests who offer bribes and big campaign donations to get a free pass to poison people's well water and cause quakes that damage structures (fix that crack if you want to pass the house's inspection prior to selling it).

I mean ColordoBob ...they wouldn't actually lie to us? These quakes ... Um? These quakes must have just been overlooked when they approved fracking and did the proper studies on injecting the vast quantities of waste water (and those mystery chemicals) underground under pressure? Didn't they? I mean injection of that much mass under pressure kind of would have some effect wouldn't it ya think? Under pressure?

They wouldn't really lie to people would they?


Thanks--you do us all a real service with all your links.


Lol a massive die off of Sappy Sapiens? Aw gee! And I made lunch for tomorrow!


I feel like asking "Do you want the extinction of humanity with that?"

Massive die off of Homo Sapiens ... Way too casual a reference wouldn't you say?


If Hillary Clinton is elected fracking will be the normal procedure for the oil industry for the length of her term. It's scary to me.


What are the actual earthquake standards that are enforced at each respective plant? What are the other established rules, standards, and measures that are enforced/not enforced at each respective plant? Do you know of a web site where these details might be found? Obviously, neither party's elites wants us to know these things.


Shucks they made me write something more...


"The survivors" will have already mutated to survive without water or they won't be survivors.


After President Hillary Clinton signs TPP, TTIP and TISA frackers will be able to sue anybody trying to regulate or stop them way beyond the length of her term.


All this from the congress that leads with fascism and theocracy.
All this poison water and chemicals will work it's way back up to our clean water supply.
Americans don't even get any benefit from this ponzi scheme. It's sold to foreign markets just like the Alaskan oil was sold to foreign markets even as we created laws to stop it.
Once we get past the point of no return the criminals that did it will say it's Obama's fault.


The problem with your comment is Hillary is not going to be president.


raydelcamino, ROFL that's funny. Surviving without water is like saying a whale can live on land.


Mik, It won't be for the length of her term when the people effected in these areas continue to feel more and more damage to their homes and prosperity because of this unending corporate greed.


Maybe we can get Bernie to bring this up during the debate with Hillary here in NY. Oh, that's right, Hillary doesn't want to debate until Bernie "changes his tone". And considering the solar boom, that is happening here in upstate NY and has been happening for years in Vermont, under the tutelage of Bernie Sanders; it is indeed not impossible to become more efficient, sustainable and embrace a paradigm shift in how we view energy usage. Heat pumps and associated water heaters are becoming ubiquitous. Commercial solar projects as well as residential dot the landscape. The seed is there.