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Drinking Milk While Black: Kid Busted For "Stealing" School Milk Carton He was Entitled To, and Besides, They Probably Have A Frig At Home Too


Drinking Milk While Black: Kid Busted For "Stealing" School Milk Carton He was Entitled To, and Besides, They Probably Have A Frig At Home Too

A valiant police officer in Virginia handcuffed an aspiring thug and middle school student - who is black which obviously had nothing to do with it - after the boy went back to the lunch line and "stole" a 65-cent milk carton allowed him under a free lunch program. Ryan Turk was charged with larceny and suspended from school after he "yanked away" from the manhandling cop - in school-ese, "became disorderly." Clearly, the incident could have been avoided if the cop or boy or milk carton had been armed. Gawd we love 'Murika.


Must have been a slow day for the Po-Po of Prince William County, VA. Destroy the life/future prospect of yet another young black man...how can the arresting officers and the principal sleep at night when they act so inhumanely. I pray the charges are dropped and Ryan's record is wiped clean of this alleged "offense." "Manhandling cop" speaks volumes....


I think you mean Prince William County. PG county is in Maryland on the east side of the city - best known for being DC's "official black suburban area"...


When is someone going to go off topic and use this article to go on about milk being a product of Big Ag and bad for you. Aren't most Black USAns (W. African ancestry) lactose-intolerant?


I'm tempted to comment but all I can come up with is filthy expletives. Hold on... nnnnn... well, anyway, just another disgusting display of child abuse; person abuse. We home-schooled our 4 kids. We're not minority, people of color: just plain ol' white folks in northern NYS, not evangelical christians or anything, just people. We have always just related to our kids as people. If some cop treated our kid this way, they'd have to lock ME up.


Lucky they didn't bust him for having a frig.


Headlines we will never read:

"George Bush Busted for Stealing a Presidency He Was Entitled To"

"Exxon Busted For Stealing the Future Our Kids Are Entitled To"

Thankfully the boy didn't tear open the carton and drink the milk. Had he done so, he likely would have been charged with destroying property as well.


Much of PG County has always been suburban back to at least the 1950's - Suitland, Hayttsville, Greenbelt, Bowie, Andrews AFB.

Only the southern parts toward Calvert County were rural or semi-rural.

When I go to the DC area from Pittsburgh, I always get a sense of total hopelessness from a environment/global warming perspective - the absurd car-dependent suburban sprawl there, with no alternatives possible (the average adult there probably spends 30 hours a week driving an average of 40K miles) is very depressing to see.


sixty-five cents?
They want to destroy this young man's life over sixty-five cents?


That's right, and the school will be unable to even look at the outrageous behavior of the cop, and come to a determination that the cop was out of line.

Obedience to authority and maintenance of order, trump the expectation that humans will treat humans with respect.


Heaven forbid the boy should protest an abuse of power. He obviously hasn't been taught the proper respect for bullies, er authority. Sounds like another lawsuit...


"He can't be moved!"