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Drive to Drill: Energy Lobbyists Behind Governors' Crusade for Atlantic Oil


Drive to Drill: Energy Lobbyists Behind Governors' Crusade for Atlantic Oil

Sue Sturgis, Facing South

When the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in flames off the Louisiana coast five years ago this month, the disaster killed 11 workers, injured 17 others and unleashed an undersea geyser that spewed more than 160 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

The BP disaster would go on to pollute 1,100 miles of coastline and has been blamed for long-term damage to marine life and the health of cleanup workers and coastal residents, as well as costing the tourism and fishing industries an estimated $30 billion through 2020.


Sittin here in my car... waiting on my daughters next B Ball game.. yeah ...I know... livin' the life a middle classer... I kinda hate it ... if .. when I was a bit younger... I had known what I know now .... tjen what?...talked with someone today ... wwho ...although she understands some of the issues facing us... like climate change... knowing we are doing it... she says "well we will still have to use oil and gas ... you know that ... she says she doesn't like it but tries to make the case of what life will be like without it... and... her hisband works for the gas copanies .. always did .. now ...she also grows a whole hell of a lot of their food .. and makes some clothes ... these are not jet set people ... mostly stuggled a lot... doing better lately ...one child had heart issues and had to jave heart surgery at 4 yrs old...
So ...my point?... I cringed when she said that about oil and gas... tjought she was understaning that ... we really have "no carbon budget"... left... but ..even though she has been tryimg to read up and understand all this... here is an example of one documentary she aksed me to watch ... "Pump" .. I do not have net flicks so ... I could only watch the trailer... it seemed to be a gas copmpany perspective ... I didn't check ...it gabe all the right reasons to get off oil.... And on to Gas... I wanted to cry cause... that womN is my sister... so....if I watch .. and she wants my opinion ... tjen what... we've already hax some issues. .. tension .. tryin to patch it al up.. but ...the whole thing is a systems issue ... it's hard for some to put it all together...


Sorry to be Devil's advocate but those first 5 words kind of devalue the whole rest of your post. I can drive but I've never owned a car in my life, I use public transport. Maybe if you live out in the sticks it's harder and a car may be neccesary, but not in a city or large town. At least not the ones I'm familiar with which aren't US cities so may be different. The oil companies aren't drilling for themselves, they're drilling to fill a consumer demand.


So, what do you propose I do?..I lived in a city, Queens and Nassau county for 23 years... moved from here to there, now back again... it was fine living there when I did, but you couldn't pay me to live there again... Now, how to hell does the first line negate the rest of the post... Are you saying that everyone... who understands our current problems, is in the current situation to live COMPLETELY PERFECTLY according to what's really needed.... and that it is completely up to the individual to do so.... regardless of the system?.... Are you saying that I should have known about climate change before I had my two kids?.... The reason I do know, is because of the internet.... and my own drive to know ..... I am a reader... but the internet carried the right info... I did not have internet until about 2005.... then 2007 my house burnt.... then we got it back 2009...8or 9.... I mean, I am just curious if you think I am supposed to wipe clean my last 18and half years... when I had my first child... or when I moved here to have a house and grow food.... have my land... my chickens... You see, this is the thing... .most people are ALREADY LIVING THEIR LIVES....;.. when they find out about how serious climate change is.... so, they do their best.... then try to work on the system....


...and not everybody and his brother can live in the city.... and... are YOU growing food?.... I'm only trying to show that between us... we are balancing different aspects of climate action... can you see that?... I would rather... not have a car... believe me... I would like to see a systems change .....over all debt forgiveness... that would include mortgages.... and small land grants... I could use maybe another acre or two... I now have 1.7.... then, I would be able to stay home and really do it up good with my food, for my family AND my community.... and others in my community could be growing food and we could exchange that food.... each growing a variety... we could build a community that has wool for yarn... someone could spin yarn.. make clothes... etc... Now... do not make fun of me...yet... I am only putting an idea out there... of course it isn't a plan... it would take monumental changes in our whole system for this to work...
All the farmer's markets and home steads so far... are great... but, we are all STILL DEPENDENT ON THE OVERALL, CAPITALIST CORPORATE SYSTEM... so, when you say that the oil companies are not drilling for themselves... that is so true... they are drilling for he consumer... but we consumers can do just so much.... the system has to change... for us to not be consumers.... we can start to become independent of them... but the ultimate change must come from getting rid of that system ...BY HELPING PEOPLE WITH THE BASICS.,... i have no money to work with and cannot get money loaned to me... especially at a decent interest rate... and why to hell would I want to do that?.... We want to get rid of the money system, do we not?.... I do not know if you can understand my points here... I have been trying to explain my ideas for a while now.... and I do this because we HAVE NO CARBON BUDGET AT ALL... You can read about that here on Resilience... "Do the Math Again".... so, we need to STOP... EMITTING... but how to do that with out people starving... should be part of our governments responsibility not just ours.... I will say this... Once my daughter graduates high school... I am not sure what I will be doing... I want to keep my house.. .. I AM RETIRING AT 62 .... I worked all my life and I am pretty sure I can make a bit extra to add to my SS I..... so, I can live her with out having to do the driving... at least no where near what I do now... Also, if there were a MOVEMENT BY THE PEOPLE.... to purposely dump the capitalist, corporate life.support... SO THAT MILLIONS OF US... went off grid.... we could bring about the change we want... So, WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS..?


Ok my apologies. Like I said I don't know the circumstances of your life and you may need a car where you live, sounds like you do.

All I was saying is if you drive a car, the oil companies are drilling for you because you buy the oil from them, not because they like drilling. so many people refuse to take any responibility for climate change, blame oil companies, manufacturers etc, yet at the same time live lifestyles that drive the consumerism that creates that production they then condemn. Especially in the USA where everyone has cars, unnecessary electrical appliances etc (compared to other places) to the extent of consuming 8 Earth's worth of resources. If you're trying to avoid that lifestyle, good on you, but many don't, yet they still blame the corporations. Of course in some CD-er's world's we are are not responsible for anything we do, it's all the fault of an evil 1% who make us do stuff against our will, using some kind of mysterious brainwashing, but I don't buy that. I'm not getting at you personally, I don't know anything about your life, just making a general point.

As for solutions, I don't have any, other than we are all responsible for what we do and that's all we can do. You can't change a system if the majority of your fellow species seem to choose to support it. Of course the key word is 'choose' and how you define it. That opens an endless philosophical socio-political debate which would take hours to explore in depth and, I don't know about you, but I've got a dinner and bottle of wine with my name on it. Yet generally, I don't like to patronise the rest of my fellow citizens with the attitude they are all too stupid to be able to think and act freely for themselves and take responsibility for what they do.


Hey is it that people think that there is a correct answer to this problem.... the rich and powerful took that away from us... many decades ago... when they hook us up to the IV of Oil... instead of DIVERSIFYING .... INTO OTHER ENERGY SYSTEMS... we could have done oil, solar, gas.. .wind, geothermal.... etc... many decades ago... and we would not be here now... YOU need to get a grip and realize that if we keep using oil... there WILL BE NO PLANET TO FARM .....ON... GET IT.... NO PLANET.. .NO PLANET... HOW IN HELL MANY WAYS DOES IT HAVE TO BE SAID... NO PLANET.. AND ... HUMANS LIVED FOR THOUSANDS ..... THOUSANDS OF YEARS... WITH YOU PRECIOUS OIL.... AGAIN.. .GET A GRIP... sorry, but ya' know >.. .I am really pissed...


WEll.... I won't say they are too stupid.... because one has to be able to have the correct info in order to be informed... and I kind of believe... that there is something that brings one to the UNDERSTANDING/CONSCIOUSNESS .... to be open to that information...partly.... but then again... if someone has a very comfortable life... and is able to have a good education... and has time and energy for leisure... I would think ... that they would spend some of that leisure in RESEARCH ABOUT LIFE... .study and continuing their education even in an INFORMAL way.... but many of those that are in those circumstances... are not focusing on furthering their understanding of life and science and philosophy etc... but are focus on how many things they can buy... on how THEIR family can get ahead... ...IT TAKES A CERTAIN KIND OF PERSONALITY to be CURIOUS enough to search out the information one needs to understand our current emergency.... and it is an emergency... because .... THERE IS SO MUCH RESISTENCE TO THE CURE...


? Trying to grasp your meaning...


No not Amish country, I live in the EU. They use electric trams, electric trains and hybrid electric eco-buses. But even if they were smelly old diesel buses, 25 people using one engine to get from a to b is more environmentally efficient than 25 people each driving their own cars with smelly old diesel engines, wouldn't you say.