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Driven by Anti-Science Agenda, Trump Agencies Defying Mandate to Save Endangered Species From Climate Risk

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/18/driven-anti-science-agenda-trump-agencies-defying-mandate-save-endangered-species

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One of the problems is that everyday people don’t understand what species extinctions mean for the people. The honeybees and their role are the only exception. Otherwise, people just shrug and think, “No biggie.” Whales are cool, but we can see them on tv. Jaguars are pretty, and they’re in zoos. Elephants, same. Frogs, salamanders, butterflies, etc.—so what?

Dump’s goddamn Wall is going to affect several vulnerable species in some specialized ecosystems. People don’t understand that! Articles like this one are very little help in addressing the real threats to animals and plants and therefore to us human beings. More detail needed.



“The first law of ecology: Everything is connected to everything else.”
–Dr. Barry Commoner, Citizens Party presidential candidate 1980